Communiqué PR Enhances Its Global Influence by Joining Public Relations Network

02.05.2014 | Jennifer Gehrt

It is only February, yet 2014 is already proving to be an exciting year for Communiqué PR! Communiqué is now the official U.S.-based partner for Public Relations Network (PRN), a global network of public relations agencies dedicated to providing high-level consultancy and quality support for worldwide campaigns. PRN has a high-caliber network of partners in 25 countries outside of the U.S. that will surely be invaluable assets to our team.

Just as we will provide assistance to foreign firms developing U.S.-based campaigns, we will also receive support from agencies in the member countries, including Germany, Australia, Morocco, Venezuela and many more. This new access to partners around the world will be highly beneficial to our clients as we continue to tell their stories to not only a national audience, but a global one as well.

“Given the global nature of today’s marketplace, most of our clients are looking to reach audiences internationally, as well as in the U.S.,” said Jennifer Gehrt, co-founder and partner at Communiqué PR. “Membership in PRN makes it possible for us to extend our reach to critical markets around the world in a seamless and cost effective manner.”

Working globally is nothing new for Communiqué PR; however, this network of support will only strengthen our abilities to reach a broader range of outlets and secure more opportunities for our clients. Last year Communiqué collaborated with the German Public Relations firm, Sympra, also a member of PRN, in securing coverage for Siemens in the U.S. After having this collaborative experience and success with this global campaign, PRN will provide Communiqué PR with the chance to continue cultivating relationships with firms abroad.

“Communiqué PR’s experience in working with global campaigns and delivering successful results made it the natural choice when searching for a U.S.-based firm,” said Chairman of the Board of PRN, Veit Mathauer. “We look forward to the benefits they will bring to the network.”

As Communiqué PR will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014, it seems appropriate that we take this exciting new step towards expanding our network. The market place has changed and expanded since we opened in 2004, but we continue to adapt and grow with it; and by doing so, offer the best possible service to our clients. We are excited to see the effects of this new partnership and the prospects it will bring.


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