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Over the years our team has shared its expertise through posts published to the Communiqué PR blog. Some of the posts tie directly to content included in our book, Strategic Public Relations: 10 Principles to Harness the Power of PR, while other posts dig deeper into practice areas or capture key campaign initiatives and results. […]


What is Organizational Culture & Why Does it Matter?

My colleague Beth Mayer recently wrote about our experience at “Managing Yourself & Leading Others,” a professional development workshop we took through the Harvard Division of Continuing Development. Her post focused on the importance of flexing one’s leadership style and it was a part of the session that I found to be most helpful. However, […]


Perfecting Your New Business Pitch

At any agency job, new business is a hot topic. Throughout the time that I have worked at CPR, I’ve had a front row seat for just how exciting (and stressful) pitching to potential clients can be. No matter what stage of the process they are in – the initial email, the pitch presentation or […]


Building a Trusted Brand: Five Values from the Pros

What do Coca-Cola, Apple, FedEx, Target, Amazon and Southwest Airlines all have in common (besides being incredibly successful companies)? According to Entrepreneur magazine, they are examples of the top 10 most trusted brands in America. In its April 2012 cover story, Secrets of the 10 Most-Trusted Brands, Entrepreneur partnered with The Values Institute, a Virginia-based […]


A Look Back at 2011

It’s typically quiet the week between Christmas and New Year’s, offering us time to reflect on the past year as well as plan for the coming one. For us, 2011 was a busy year – with many successes and numerous milestones. Before we jump into 2012, here are some of our significant 2011 highlights, for […]

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