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Strategic Public Relations:
10 Principles to Harness The Power of PR

Why We Wrote the Book

We believe in the power of strategic public relations to help companies achieve their business and communication objectives. However, oftentimes people get too focused on the tactics and lose site of the larger strategy and desired outcomes.

We wrote Strategic Public Relations: 10 Principles to Harness the Power of PR as a resource to remind managers why strategy is important and provide them with practical guidance on how they can be more effective in their communication activities.

Communication is increasingly important to organizations given the saturation and fragmentation of media which makes it more difficult to reach large numbers of consumers through traditional advertising. Furthermore ads are oftentimes seen as less credible by consumers who are looking to their social networks or third-party, independent news sources for brand and product recommendations.

Taking a strategic approach does not have to be difficult or expensive. The principles in the book are straightforward and simple, so they can be applied to any business.

Companies seeking to build their reputations should continue to use public relations as their most strategic weapon. Our book is designed to be a resource for anyone who wants to get top results from PR. We hope it is a book they’ll pick up again and again as a reference.


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“Strategic Public Relations is full of practical counsel on how to leverage the power of PR to help companies achieve their most important business objectives.”
Dan Hesse, chief executive officer, Sprint

“This is the kind of book that you refer to again and again. Instead of just theories or concepts, it offers clear and concise best practices, and then drills down to the tactical explanation of how to get them done. I’m going to require that my entire team read this book.”
Amy Bohutinsky, vice president of communications for

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