Social Media During Natural Disasters

With the flurry of recent hurricanes – Harvey, Irma and Maria – many people are still facing the harsh reality of their aftermath. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for weather of this magnitude, which is why these hurricanes were especially dangerous. Scientists and researchers feared that these storms would be some of the most powerful […]


Better Brainstorming

We recently had a brainstorming session here at CPR and, not only was it really fun, we generated some good ideas. Despite its popularity, however, when I started researching this blog I found that many people find brainstorming to be a frustrating and fruitless process that fails to get the team’s creative juices flowing. The […]


Reflecting on the iPhone’s Tenth Birthday

September has arrived in full swing with back-to-school preparations, football-related programming, and dreams of pumpkin spice lattes. One September event that I look forward to (more than any kind of latte!) is the release of the next generation iPhone. This month, Apple is unveiling a major redesign of the iPhone, but most importantly, this year […]


The Importance of Social Media for B2B Marketers

In PR, social media activities can be a major part of your communication strategies. Whether you are creating a social media plan for a client, developing content to post, or providing guidance on which platforms to use, it is clear that social media has become an increasingly important part of any marketing campaign. B2C companies […]


Connecting with Generation Z

In the next several years, millions of people born in 1998 or later will reach adulthood. Commonly known as Generation Z, this cohort of nearly 70 million young Americans will comprise slightly more than 20 percent of the U.S. population. Like the generations before them, members of Gen Z have had unique life experiences that […]

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