3 PR Lessons from Starbucks’ Public Bathroom Crisis

After two African American men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for asking to use the restroom without purchasing something, the nation wondered how the giant conglomerate would handle such a polarizing crisis. Not long after the video of the confrontation with police and hashtags to boycott the coffeeshop went viral, Starbucks rolled out an […]


Spring Cleaning PR Pro Style

Ahh, spring ‒ flowers are blooming, birds are singing, allergies are emerging, and clutter is accumulating! I’m not just talking about the junk in your closet ‒ public relations “clutter” tends to build up throughout the year and can inhibit your ability to produce effective PR results. Give the same attention to your PR strategy […]


Stay Smart and Informed With Podcasts – Your PR Career May Depend on It

Whether it’s an hour spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic, a 20-minute walk to class, or sitting on the bus through 37 stops, most people have to endure some form of a daily commute. The way we spend that commute time, however, can vary significantly. Some people listen to music, some read books, and others talk on […]


Reflecting on the iPhone’s Tenth Birthday

September has arrived in full swing with back-to-school preparations, football-related programming, and dreams of pumpkin spice lattes. One September event that I look forward to (more than any kind of latte!) is the release of the next generation iPhone. This month, Apple is unveiling a major redesign of the iPhone, but most importantly, this year […]


Does your organization need a spokesperson?

Many organizations struggle with the idea of a identifying and preparing a company spokesperson. For some companies, there is a clear spokesperson that naturally assumes the role, enjoys it, and is good at it. However, for many organizations the spokesperson is not identified until an event, such as a crisis, forces someone into the role. […]

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