Stay Smart and Informed With Podcasts – Your PR Career May Depend on It

Whether it’s an hour spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic, a 20-minute walk to class, or sitting on the bus through 37 stops, most people have to endure some form of a daily commute. The way we spend that commute time, however, can vary significantly. Some people listen to music, some read books, and others talk on […]


Reflecting on the iPhone’s Tenth Birthday

September has arrived in full swing with back-to-school preparations, football-related programming, and dreams of pumpkin spice lattes. One September event that I look forward to (more than any kind of latte!) is the release of the next generation iPhone. This month, Apple is unveiling a major redesign of the iPhone, but most importantly, this year […]


Does your organization need a spokesperson?

Many organizations struggle with the idea of a identifying and preparing a company spokesperson. For some companies, there is a clear spokesperson that naturally assumes the role, enjoys it, and is good at it. However, for many organizations the spokesperson is not identified until an event, such as a crisis, forces someone into the role. […]


Will Facebook’s “Instant Articles” Change How We Consume the News?

Since the advent of the Internet, news outlets have been looking for innovative ways to monetize their content and cope with readers transitioning to digital news consumption. The rise of digital content coupled with increased social media use has led to a shift in how people consume the news today. Capitalizing on the changing consumption […]


“Fear-bola” and the Power of the Media

It’s impossible to ignore the ongoing coverage of the global Ebola crisis. Reading the latest on the outbreak—particularly in the hardest-hit areas—is at once fascinating and heart-wrenching. It’s deeply troubling. And lately, above all, it’s terrifying. At the heart of many of the stories around Ebola is its growing danger and the pervasive fear that […]

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