Will Facebook’s “Instant Articles” Change How We Consume the News?

Since the advent of the Internet, news outlets have been looking for innovative ways to monetize their content and cope with readers transitioning to digital news consumption. The rise of digital content coupled with increased social media use has led to a shift in how people consume the news today. Capitalizing on the changing consumption [...]


“Fear-bola” and the Power of the Media

It’s impossible to ignore the ongoing coverage of the global Ebola crisis. Reading the latest on the outbreak—particularly in the hardest-hit areas—is at once fascinating and heart-wrenching. It’s deeply troubling. And lately, above all, it’s terrifying. At the heart of many of the stories around Ebola is its growing danger and the pervasive fear that [...]


Lessons from Sochi’s PR Challenges

The closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics last Sunday marked the end of one of the most memorable games in terms of PR. The little host town of Sochi, Russia, got off to a rocky start when many of its hotel rooms were only half finished at the start of the games and the controversial [...]


The Information: Bold Enough to be a Success?

Earlier this month former Wall Street Journal reporter and editor Jessica Lessin launched a technology and business news site – The Information – that got the media world buzzing. The Information costs a hefty $399 a year, or $39 a month, and offers no free content up front, which is one of the strictest paywalls [...]


Customer Reviews – Friend or Foe? A Useful Infographic

Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” In today’s world, a reputation could probably be ruined in far less time than that. As the popularity and usage of social media and review websites grow, it is likely that users will post their experiences with [...]

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