Switching Sides: Perspectives from a PR Pro Turned Journalist

There’s an old proverb that says you need to live something to truly understand it. This idea holds particularly true in the field of public relations (PR), where the day-to-day work and nuances of the business can be discussed at length with fellow professionals but can easily go over the heads of any non-PR folks […]


Should your next pitch target an algorithm rather than a human?

With just one month left in the quarter, corporate earnings season is right around the corner and chances are the next quarterly earnings article you read will not be written by a business reporter, but by automation software. In 2014, The Associated Press (AP) began using a platform called Wordsmith to automate the writing of […]


The Changing Landscape of Media Relations: My Advice to PR Pros

As PR professionals, we love the adrenaline rush of landing that big interview for a client with the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or the New York Times, and yet few outside of the industry actually understand the myriad of factors reporters consider when deciding whether or not to open up our emails, respond to our […]


The Rise of the Contributor

While pitching an announcement for one our clients recently I ran into an increasingly common problem: The perfect person to pitch was a contributing writer at the publication and I couldn’t track down his contact information. Eventually I found a way to get in touch with him, but it got me thinking about the balance […]


How Journalists Use Social Media (Infographic)

For PR pros, the rise of social media has led to new opportunities, strategies and—for many—questions. How can PR pros use social media to reach journalists? Should you use it to pitch reporters? What does it take to be successful? Media-database powerhouse Cision recently published a fascinating infographic, redistributed via PR Daily, revealing the results […]

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