Win Forever: The Pete Carroll Method on How to Live, Work and Play Like a Champion

08.07.2017 | Cameron Ficca

My goal for this summer was much different than previous summers. Growing up, summers were for being a kid, hanging out with friends, and working summer jobs for some extra cash. However, the older I am getting the more I am trying to prepare myself for the dreaded real world that we hear so much about.

This summer would be different. I planned to work as an intern at Communiqué PR, work my normal job at a restaurant, and read. For those who know me, the last goal seems like a gag, I know, but I really wanted to read one book a month, giving myself an obtainable goal all summer. For someone who usually doesn’t read unless it’s a textbook, about sports, or my Twitter timeline, one book a month seemed like a daunting task.

I decided first on Pete Carroll’s book, “Win Forever: Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion.” This piqued my interest initially, because Pete Carroll is the head coach of my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks. His charisma and positivity, along with his competitive edge, helped him become who he is today. I wanted to learn more on how he is able to maintain success while remaining true to himself, and see how his lessons might be applied to the professional world. Here are the main points that stood out to me:

Having “Drive” or “A Chip on your Shoulder”

Carroll expresses how important it is to have “drive” or that “chip on the shoulder.” For him, it was not being physically gifted enough to play football to his full potential until later in life. Then it was being cut from his only shot at professional football. And later, it was being fired and having to start over, time and time again. But this didn’t stop him, as each failed attempt became a stronger motivation to make the next opportunity work.
The same can be said for the professional world. The chances of having no setbacks in your career are slim. Transforming setbacks into opportunities to better yourself allows one to be more prepared for what may come next. Use the setbacks as reasons to work harder and smarter. Every day is a chance to get better, no matter the situation. For me, seeing my writing being edited over and over again was frustrating, until I realized that in the end, each new attempt was me trying to out-do myself. Once I came to terms with this fact, writing and working as a whole has become much more enjoyable.

Always Compete

Competition drives the world on and off the field, and Pete Carroll is a testament to that. The core philosophy of his coaching style is competition. That competitive drive, through trial and error, is how he got to where he is: one of the most decorated college coaches of all time, and Super Bowl champion coach in the NFL. Anytime you become complacent and stop working hard, you are susceptible to losing your job. Often times in sports, you are replaceable, not because you are less talented, but because the person replacing you was a harder worker and made the most of his or her opportunity.
The same goes in the professional world. I will be graduating from college soon, and with more and more people going to college and boosting their resumes, the opportunity to find a career grows more difficult. This is great though, because I know that I can’t slack off, and it requires my best effort each and every day. In the office, work does not come to those who sit and wait. Whether it’s looking for new clients, or retaining current ones, those who are motivated to compete with themselves and others in the field will always be successful.

Having Fun

As much as Carroll stresses competition and improving yourself and others, having fun is just as important of a factor. Most people would agree that work is much more enjoyable when they can have fun and work. It is one of the things that Carroll is distinctly known for, highlighted by the fact he brought in a deejay for the long summer days of training camp with the Seahawks.

Likewise, here at Communiqué PR, the environment is fun. The days can be long, typing away at various projects, or sitting in on conference calls. But everyone has a great attitude, and we all look forward to our team barbeques and outings. It offers a time for the office to come together and step away from the stress of a job that is constantly changing. A work environment filled with driven people who enjoy the day-in-day-out grind truly has changed my perception of what it means to work in the office.

Concluding Thoughts and Recommendations

After reading Carroll’s book, I have a new respect and perspective on what it means to work the 9-to-5, 40-hours per-week-job. Growing up as an athlete, I wanted to win at virtually everything. Luckily, I still feel that I have that drive to better myself. By accepting my mistakes and allowing myself to learn from them, I try to never let a possible learning moment go by the wayside. I try to push myself each and every day, trying to become the first person in my family to graduate from college. If you can find that internal or external motivation, and use it your advantage, anything is possible.

Overall, I thought this book was a good read. Although there were no real secrets to success, like other books claim, Carroll doesn’t shy away from advice. Throughout each chapter, there are unique ideas and different perspectives on how to become successful. As the reader, I found it interesting to learn much more about someone who made the most of each opportunity, in almost every aspect of life. Whether you’re a football fan or not, I think that anyone can use this book to realize that each day is a new opportunity, and to always compete. In the end, as Carroll says, “All you should ever strive for is to be the best you can be … and that is the essence of what it means to Win Forever.”
I would recommend this book to any professional looking for creative ways to achieve success. Potentially, younger people who read this book may find it motivating, and could use the tips and ideas to become leaders in and outside the class room or office. For sports fans and non-sport fans alike, this book offers an inside perspective on how to make the most of yourself, and consequently, those with whom you surround yourself.



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