Delta-Q Supports Lithium Powertrain System Development with Lithium Charger Development Kit

09.23.2016 | Danielle Zarrella

From camping equipment to home and portable electronics to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly common and a preferred power source for consumer products. With their lightweight battery packs and high voltage capability, the rechargeable battery type is also becoming a common replacement for lead acid batteries which have been used historically to power electric utility vehicles and golf carts, along with electric industrial equipment.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and battery management system (BMS) manufacturers, transitioning from lead-acid to lithium-ion power sources can be an intimidating, if not complicated, process. Not only do these manufacturers want to ensure consistent performance, cost and safety characteristics of their product, but they also need to consider new charging solutions to keep their equipment operating at optimum levels.

Earlier this month, Delta-Q Technologies, a leader in battery-charging solutions for electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment, debuted a new resource intended to support manufacturers aiming to develop lithium powertrain systems. The company’s Lithium Charger Development Kit, which was introduced at The Battery Show, includes the necessary charging hardware and software to help battery companies, OEMs and BMS manufacturers accelerate product development of electric vehicles and industrial equipment. In addition, users have exclusive access to custom training and technical support including training and consulting sessions led by Delta-Q’s application engineering team, development of custom charging profiles and quick-start guides, detailed programming and design documentation.

Communiqué PR understood that this development kit program was significant to Delta-Q, as well as to the broader electric vehicle and equipment communities. To ensure that key audiences were reached with the news, our approach began with the development of a press list targeting journalists covering electric power design, electric vehicles and industrial equipment, BMS manufacturers and battery companies.

The news was shared with journalists on our target list and via wire service distribution in early September. In addition to driving 13 articles for Delta-Q in relevant trade publications, we are working with journalists on feature stories that are slated to publish this fall. We also used the news as leverage to secure two in-person press briefings with Delta-Q representatives at the event.

Following is a list of the coverage secured thus far:

We congratulate Delta-Q Technologies on the development of its new Lithium Charger Development Kit and the response it has received thus far. To learn more about Delta-Q’s innovative power solutions, visit


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