Let’s Connect: Findings from Tech Journalist/PR Pro Survey

09.06.2013 | Jaymelina Esmele

Recently, PRSourceCode released some interesting data from a survey they conducted with technology-focused journalists and PR professionals. The goal of the survey was to identify the best practices for building relationships with technology journalists.

The survey revealed some significant and useful insight. One area that I found particularly interesting was an examination of the methods PR pros rely on to pitch journalists versus the ways journalists prefer to be pitched.

According to the survey, the top methods used by PR practitioners to pitch journalists include:

  1. Email – 100%
  2. Phone – 70%
  3. Twitter – 42%
  4. Comments on journalist’s blog – 23%
  5. LinkedIn – 15%

On the flipside, the top methods preferred by journalists to receive pitches are:

  1. Email – 99%
  2. Phone – 43%
  3. LinkedIn – 35%
  4. Twitter – 32%
  5. Comments on their blog – 13%

Notice that pitching journalists through LinkedIn is the fifth most-used method for PR pros while journalists have indicated that LinkedIn is their third most-preferred method for being pitched.

I’m connected to a number of journalists on LinkedIn and comment as appropriate on their LinkedIn updates. But admittedly, I’ve never used LinkedIn to pitch them. Email and phone will always be the go-to methods for reaching out to journalists, but after seeing the survey results I’m going to seriously consider LinkedIn as well. My one caveat would be to ensure that journalists I regularly pitch have indicated that it is OK to use LinkedIn as a channel for pitching.

Figuring out the most effective way to communicate is a key factor in the success of any relationship and the same holds true for relationships PR practitioners build with journalists.

For more information and to download the full report, visit the PRSouceCode website:



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