Gaining Popularity on Facebook: Five Quick Tips

07.19.2013 | Christie Melby

Curating content for a social media platform requires time and energy, so it can be disappointing when you find something worth sharing with the Facebook world, and it doesn’t get the shares or likes you thought it would. However, there may be an explanation if your business’ Facebook posts aren’t receiving the attention they might merit. PRDaily recently shared some insight on why Facebook posts and pages tend to lack popularity. I’ve summarized five of these points below; if you answer yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to reevaluate what you are sharing with your followers or how you are choosing to do it.

Are your questions broad?

People don’t generally want to spend large amounts of time pondering over questions while using Facebook. Facebook is a way for people to connect and explore. The best way to get people to respond to a question is to make it easy for them. Give them choices or create a poll. By doing this, they aren’t required to put in large amounts of time or effort, and consequently are more likely to respond.

Is your tone uninspiring?

Though you are posting on a page that represents your company, it does not mean that the content has to be boring. Every business has personality, so don’t be afraid to show it off to your followers! Having fun and making your posts relatable will make your company more appealing and intriguing to your fans.

Do your posts only consist of words?

Visuals are stimulating, interesting, and can capture the attention of Facebook users faster than words. Try to find an image or infographic that relates to the post or your company. Images will help catch people’s attention as they scroll through their news feeds.

Do you constantly try to sell things?

This page is supposed to share information about your company. Do not use it as another platform to sell products. People do not use Facebook as a way to shop, they use it to connect. Allow your fans to connect to your company’s personality through your Facebook page. If viewers are interested in shopping, they will use another platform, such as your company website.

Do you neglect to offer any deals or specials?

Users will become fans for perks. Offering specials might make your page more attractive, which can cause an increase in traffic and attention to your page’s posts. As noted in the tip above, do not use this as a selling platform, rather use it as a tool to motivate people to visit your website or go to a store. My favorite example from PRDaily is about Sprinkles Cupcakes. Anyone who likes the Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Facebook page learns the “word of the day.” If they tell the cashier the word of the day, they get a free cupcake. That means that everyone craving a cupcake on a particular day will be viewing this page and most likely paying a visit to a Sprinkles location. By providing offers, people will constantly check the page to keep up to date.

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, take a minute to reevaluate how you are interacting with your Facebook fans. Used correctly, Facebook pages are a great way to communicate with your clientele, and have the potential to drive traffic to your company’s website, increase positive perceptions of your brand and ultimately affect sales. Thinking through the above tips may help inform an improved Facebook strategy for your business moving forward. Good luck!

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