3 Ways to Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Publishing Model

06.21.2013 | Heather Campbell

The New York Times recently profiled professional networking leader LinkedIn in a June 16, 2013, article titled “LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing Presence.” The article points out what you may have noticed if you’re an active LinkedIn user: The network is no longer just a place to post your resume and call it a day. Rather, LinkedIn has developed a host of interactive features users can (and are) taking advantage of, some of which include written content.

This content, which LinkedIn started offering in October, is produced under the umbrella of “Influencers,” a select group of leaders that post about various topics through LinkedIn (similarly to a blogging platform). Influencers range from Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard, to Charles Duhigg of the New York Times, and offer insights on subject matter from career guidance to lifestyle tips.

There are several ways you can make used of LinkedIn’s now fully developed, content-oriented platform:

  1. Apply to be an “Influencer.” If you think that your experience and interests qualify you to be an influencer, reach out to publisher@linkedin.com to make your case (or do so on behalf of your CEO or other executives with your company). Accepted influencers will have the benefit of reaching a large audience through LinkedIn’s platform, and being featured can contribute to a person’s perception as a thought leader, as they’re listed among the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Branson.
  2. Find fodder for blogs and media pitches. Look to what other industry influencers are writing about; it may spark a creative idea for a blog post, campaign or pitch that you can use around your own brand.
  3. Add your own take. Even if you’re not an official Influencer, you can still share Influencer content and provide your own commentary to your network. This provides an easy way to keep your own, or your company’s, LinkedIn page active, updated and fresh.

LinkedIn is shifting into the contributed-content model we’re seeing across various platforms, including official media sources like Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Not only does this model provide you with a chance to offer your own voice, it gives you a vast pool of curated content from industry experts. Consider taking advantage of this resource, whether for your own brand’s social media and blog content, or for your own thought leadership within your network.

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