Pinterest’s New Measurement Tool: What it Means for Public Relations

03.25.2013 | Heather Campbell

Pinterest has increased its presence as a tool for businesses with the recent release of business Pinterest pages. On March 12 this year, the site announced it would continue to build on this trend with the introduction of Pinterest Web Analytics. This valuable new tool will allow anyone with a verified website to see how many people have pinned from your sight, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people have visited your site from Pinterest (source: Pinterest).

What does this mean for PR managers?

Well, if you’re currently executing a Pinterest campaign or thinking about suggesting one for a client, you’ll now have a way to measure results. Here are three examples of how it can work.

Create Pinterest friendly content

If you’re responsible for creating content for a client’s website and have been focusing on a more Pinterest-friendly approach (i.e., featuring infographics on the company blog, adding “Pin It” buttons to images, etc.), you’ll be able to deliver the client metrics around how these efforts are paying off.

For example, if you are working on social media for an app developer and you’ve added a “Pin It” button to screen shots of apps on the company website, you’ll be able to track if these images are getting re-pinned, how many times they’re re-pinned, and how many people are visiting the company’s site as a direct result of Pinterest.

Launch a Pinterest page

With the roll out of business Pinterest pages, quite a few brands have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon (Etsy, Mashable and General Electric all have large Pinterest presences).

If you’ve recently helped a client launch a Pinterest page, you can now deliver precise numbers on how much website traffic Pinterest is generating for a client’s website. Pinterest often spreads content virally with captions like “Need this!” that can get re-pinned by thousands; now you know how many people are spreading a client’s Pinterest content, and how much of this is resulting in direct website traffic.

Execute a Pinterest campaign

If Pinterest is an integral part of the social media plan you’re executing for a client, you’ll now be able to pinpoint and measure what worked – and what didn’t.

For example, say you’re executing a Pinterest campaign for an online clothing company to draw more viewers to the company blog. For this campaign, you might consider “Pinning” a variety of different things from the company blog – images of the clothing, lifestyle images, typography, video, etc. With Pinterest Web Analytics, you can now directly measure what content drew the most visitors to the blog, and what didn’t. This knowledge not only helps you accurately report success metrics to your client, but also gives you a knowledge base to frame future strategies.


Communiqué PR is a strategic communications firm, so our main currency is words. However, as a team, we’re extremely results driven – ROI is an important part of all the work we do for clients. Anyone in public relations and communications can appreciate that it’s difficult to track some metrics communications activities – how do you measure the impact of an executive’s industry thought leadership on a business? How do you measure the value of a Facebook like?

Because of the sometimes immeasurable nature of communications, we’re excited to see sites like Pinterest roll out analytics that can help inform and validate social media campaigns.

If you’ve made use of Pinterest Web Analytics since its release, let us know about your experience below.

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