Four Services that Promise to Connect Businesses with Media

03.11.2013 | Heather Campbell

One of Communiqué PR’s major communications objectives for our clients is driving editorial coverage. Editorial coverage can help secure exposure for your client and provides a chance to engage with journalists, who can provide a third-party (often expert) opinion on what a client does.

The tactics used to secure editorial coverage vary, but a few online services have become popular as a way to connect businesses with journalists. Below are a few communications services available to PR folks and journalists alike that promise to connect sources with journalists.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Founded by Peter Shankman, HARO has been around (initially as a Facebook group) since 2008. Vocus currently owns the service. HARO works by sending out an email blast to subscribers three times a day, organizing journalists’ current source needs by coverage area/ industry. Journalists submit queries about a story they’re currently covering (e.g., looking for companies who have found success using predictive analytics), and provide contact information to which a source can reply. HARO uses a freemium model—the initial service is free, but subscription plans offer additional benefits.

ProfNet (from PRNewswire)

Unlike HARO, ProfNet (started in 1992) is not a free service for sources. However, similarly to HARO, ProfNet also uses emails with queries from journalists and others requesting sources for stories or other projects on which they’re working.


Rather than using an email blast, SourceBottle allows users to search its website for journalist queries matching a client’s story and/or expertise.


For more information on this service, check out the blog post we recently wrote about MuckRack. The service is membership-based and incorporates journalists’ Twitter feeds so that you know when a journalist is writing about a client’s company, industry or competitors.


The development and growing popularity of each of these services speaks to how the media and PR industries continue to change and evolve with technology.

Do you use a service like the ones above to connect with media? What is your experience with these types of services?


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