Research from Mobidia Reveals Significant Changes in Smartphone Usage

01.25.2013 | Monica Graham

One of the most rewarding aspects of PR is relaying important and relevant information to the public. As such, we were excited to help facilitate an important announcement from Mobidia Technology, Inc. on January 3, 2013.

Mobidia is the maker of My Data Manager, a smartphone application that provides data usage tracking to help people avoid overage charges and make the most of their mobile data plan. Through this application, users can understand and manage their data consumption, and Mobidia is able to provide mobile operators with unique insight into how subscribers are using their data.

Recently, we helped Mobidia launch the third installment of its popular whitepaper in partnership with leading analyst firm Informa. The whitepaper, titled “Understanding Today’s Smartphone Users,” offers new insights into LTE usage in the leading LTE markets of Korea, Japan, and the U.S.

Here are some key takeaways based on Mobidia’s findings:

  • LTE subscribers, on average, are using more mobile data, driven by the increased use of services, such as video, that benefit from larger bandwidth
  • There is a potential trend towards a decrease in Wi-Fi usage
  • The adoption of new pricing plans has increased, and users are moving away from traditional unlimited plans

These trends suggest a positive opportunity for the more than 100 mobile operators that have already deployed LTE. The generational change to LTE is driving increased demand for mobile data and presenting operators with the ability to monetize that data in more sustainable ways.

The announcement immediately generated traction online, garnering the following 11 articles within just a few days of the release:

Mobidia’s data and corresponding analysis around LTE usage will be extremely helpful for mobile operators and companies in the mobile space, and we were excited to have a role in delivering this important information.

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