Top Story Trends for 2013

01.07.2013 | Renee Gastineau

“I don’t set trends. I just find out what they are and exploit them.” — Dick Clark

Predicting the news is like predicting the weather. It you don’t like what you see, wait a moment and it will change. That said, a large part of public relations strategy is researching what editors and reporters will focus on in the coming months and developing stories that support their editorial themes. At Communiqué PR we’ve been researching story trends, gathering business predictions and looking at editorial calendars to prepare for the 2013 news cycles. Here’s a round-up of trending news stories we, and other industry experts, expect to see as we begin 2013:

  • SaaS and IT security will continue to be strong themes in technology business stories in the upcoming year, according to Thomson Reuters.  The company analyzed more than 300,000 media editorial calendars in their MyEdCals database and found that editors at business magazines will be publishing articles that help businesses become more efficient while reducing costs in the coming year. They also predict that editors will dedicate a large amount of space to stories about innovative tools in healthcare technology and educational technology in 2013.
  • The workspace of the future is an interesting trend that will gain momentum in the coming year as well. This encompassing topic asks questions like “What will our offices look like in the future,” or “Will we have an office at all?” Many of these articles will be tied to mobile and cloud computing, as well as collaboration tools which enhance our ability to work from home, coffee shops, and kids’ soccer games. Both business-to-business and consumer-focused companies that demonstrate innovation and productivity tools to keep the workforce engaged while away from a traditional office space will have a strong voice this year.
  • Data, data, everywhere. In 2012 we spent a lot of time producing it, gathering it and analyzing it. Now what will we do with it? In 2013 look for stories about how the ability to capture and analyze data flows are improving lives by improving health care, warning about destructive weather disasters and linking people together to build stronger communities.
  • In terms of general news, the economy, Medicare reform, environment and climate change, immigration, globalization, and veteran’s issues will continue to dominate political coverage.  In fact, the Poynter Institute’s News University is highlighting courses on these topics to train journalists and provide background and tips for covering these issues.

Of course, this is far from a comprehensive list. What are your predictions for the business news trends in 2013? Please let us know and we may feature them in a future blog.


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