Pitching Notes: A new tool for PR pros

12.28.2012 | Monica Graham

We’ve all been there. You think you have the perfect story and the perfect pitch to send to a reporter who is the perfect fit and then…you’re ignored, hung up on, or denied. As a PR professional, rejection is sometimes part of the job. But what if there was a way to help make pitching more effective and help increase the likelihood of landing your story? This is exactly what Pitching Notes aims to do.

According to the website, Pitching Notes is a free service created to give PR pros the chance to review and talk about their personal experiences with specific journalists. Here’s how it works: The site encourages PR professionals to sign up by adding their thoughts and tips on journalists with whom they’ve worked. The idea is that by sharing pitching “notes” and knowledge, we can all improve our pitching techniques and make more targeted pitches offering specific journalists the type of information they’re looking for, leading to better results.

At my previous agency, we had a similar program for internal use. I found it to be extremely helpful in learning a specific reporter’s pet peeves or getting more insight into the stories in which they’re most interested. However, while the database was filled with several valuable insights, I recall that it was extremely difficult to get people to actually update it with their notes and reporter interactions. Many people would leverage the information, but not contribute themselves.

According to Pitching Notes, there is a lot of value in contributing or “including Pitching Notes in your social media strategy,” as it can help drive the industry conversation and build your brand. Specifically, the reviews and tips from your experience link back to your Pitching Notes personal profile and can become an online portfolio where you can showcase your results. The company claims that because many of its members are business owners, contributing content can help attract potential clients or employers.

Additionally, the founders of Pitching Notes claim that reporters and bloggers can also benefit from the site as they can share notes on their interests and how they prefer to be pitched.

I’m curious about what you think of the site. Do you think it can be successful? Or do you think people will be wary of sharing their pitching secrets in a public forum? I plan to sign up for the site and will keep you updated on my experience.



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