On the Road: Medio’s Press & Analyst Tour

12.17.2012 | Heather Campbell

As any communications professional can appreciate, relationships with media and analysts are extremely important and in-person meetings are an excellent way to build on existing relationships, or to create new ones. For this reason, we were excited to plan a press and analyst tour for our client, Medio, a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions.

Using a Big Data, cloud-based solution, Medio delivers real-time analytics capabilities increasing end-user engagement and transforming data into action and significant business value. Today, Medio’s scalable Hadoop platform supports more than 235-plus million users generating more than 1.3 billion daily events and serving more than 3-plus billion personalized recommendations, ads, content, services and offers per month.

As you can imagine, given the significance of the work Medio is doing in Big Data, many industry analysts and press were interested in connecting with them. Specifically, we were able to secure meetings with 12 people from the following organizations:

  • The Aberdeen Group
  • Yankee Group
  • Nucleus Research
  • IDC (International Data Corporation)
  • CFO Magazine
  • Tech Target

While tours can be expensive and time consuming, they can also be highly effective.

By meeting with these people, Medio now has a group of folks who have a better understanding of the value of its solutions, and we have analysts who are available to speak with journalists about the work that Medio is doing. Additionally, Medio’s solutions are now more likely be referenced in future reports and articles.

We also want to mention that successful campaigns and tours are largely the result of good agency-client partnerships. We are grateful for the counsel and support that the team with Medio provided to us as we worked to set up the right meetings. We also are thankful to Brian Lent, CTO  and chairman, and Ivan Sucharski, data strategist, for their willingness to let us squeeze in just one more meeting!

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