Five Facebook Tips for Social Media Managers

10.10.2012 | Heather Campbell

For brands hoping to engage consumers and maintain a consistent social media presence, a Facebook page can be an effective tool. Despite debates over what a Facebook “like” is actually worth, or whether the company is here to stay, Facebook provides an excellent resource for sharing content, engaging with fans, and telling your brand’s overarching story.

If you are part of a small team, however, managing the constantly changing interface of Facebook can be somewhat complex and time consuming. Thankfully, Ragan’s PR Daily recently compiled a list of 25 Facebook tips every social media manager needs. Here are five highlights.

1. How to schedule posts in advance

Just like Twitter, Facebook allows you to schedule update releases. When you post a photo, video, offer, or status update, there is a clock symbol below the update. You can use this tool to schedule when the post will appear.

How is this useful? If you’re a restaurant, for example, you might release an offer for 25 percent off a Friday night meal on Wednesday or Thursday. Or, if you’re using your Facebook to establish your brand as a thought leader, you might schedule regular links to timely industry articles, but stagger them throughout the day.   

2. How to add multiple admins

If you have multiple people that might manage the Facebook page, you can add multiple administrators from their Facebook accounts (as opposed to having one Facebook account).

Add admins by clicking on your Facebook page, clicking “Edit Page,” and then clicking “Manage Admins.” You can send each individual an invite to their Facebook account, or via email. Through this, you can manage who has administrative access to your brand’s Facebook page, and you don’t need to change the password for a shared account when someone might leave the company.

We use this feature at Communique, so that everyone who might need to use our Facebook page is able to, with the supervision of management.

 3. How to promote your updates

Facebook has an advertising tool that helps your post get seen by more people who “like” your page. This can be useful if you have a specific update that you might want publicized, or an offer you think will be very successful. When you update a status, you will see a “Promote This Post” button, which will allow you to select how much money you are willing to spend on promoting the post.

4. How to target posts

This is an interesting feature I was not aware existed—you can target a post’s demographic by language or location. Click on the “Public” icon next to the “Post” button, and enter countries and languages you would like to target, separated with commas. This might be helpful if you are a company with customers in the U.S. and Canada, for example, and want to promote a deal to your Canadian audience.

5. How to create milestones

This is an easy way to showcase the story arc of your company and brand. Milestones indicate important moments in your brand’s history. You can pick and choose your milestones, and include an image. Milestones might range from the obvious, such as when your company started or went public, to more specific facets of your brand’s story, such as when a specific customer started using your product and had exceptional results.

To view the rest of the list, click here: 25 Facebook tips every social media manager needs.

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