Using the Power of Pinterest to Pump Up Your Press Release

09.24.2012 | Holly Zuluaga

At Communiqué PR we are always trying to stay current on the latest social media and PR trends, and how they can benefit our clients.

I recently came across an article on titled, “How Pinterest can boost your press release results” (by Carrie Morgan, September 21, 2012.) The article presented interesting ways that Pinterest can be used to increase the reach of your press release. I found the tips intriguing and thought it would be worth sharing.

Consider the following:

1.    Add an infographic to your release and pin it. Images are a great way to boost a media pitch or blog post. The same is true for a press release. By adding a relevant infographic to your press release, you help news outlets by providing a visual element. The next step is to upload the infographic to Pinterest and hyperlink to the full press release with a short summary and hashtags.

 For example, if you are distributing a press release about a new shoe store, you could include an infographic that illustrates shoe trends.

Morgan suggests searching “infographic” on newswire services like Marketwire, BusinessWire or PRNewswire for inspiration.

2.    Create a Pinterest newsroom.  Many corporate websites have newsrooms or pressrooms that highlight media coverage and press releases. Now companies can replicate this on Pinterest.

Your newsroom can include infographics, news clips, blog posts, videos and team leadership photos. You can link headshots of the CEO to a biography, bylined article or other relevant content. Once you do this, Morgan suggests linking their name directly to their pinboard, if they have one, when you quote them in a press release.

3.    Create a pinboard that fits your infographic or news topic. By creating a pinboard that relates to your press release, you are likely to increase search traffic. For example, if your press release is about a new shoe store opening, you could create a pinboard that would be relevant to fashionistas. Many shoe connoisseurs might search for inspiration with keywords like “boots for winter,” making this a perfect title for a pinboard. This type of a pinboard could target your audience and complement the infographic you select for a press release. You can also link back to your press release.

4.    Optimize the pin using the same keywords optimized in your press release. Pinterest holds a lot of power for SEO, according to Morgan. You can do this by using the keywords from your press release in the title and summary of the pin.

Additionally, include the keywords as hashtags. Morgan writes, “I’ve had boards rank highly in Google within 48 hours, even for keywords that have been difficult to rank using traditional methods.”

Using the shoe store example, you could use keywords like “#boots”, “#heels”, “#footwear,” etc.

5.    Use Pinterest for free market research. Pinterest can be a great tool to identify different trends based on pinning. We wrote previously about how Nordstrom used Pinterest to identify which fashion trends resonated with consumers based on items being repinned.

 You can leverage Pinterest to spark ideas for bylined article topics or other trend pieces by paying attention to what is being repinned and liked.

Using the shoe store example, if consumers are repinning a particular knee-high boot, you could develop a blog post about how knee-high boots are hot this fall and provide ideas for creating an entire look.

We love learning about how organizations are leveraging social media platforms in new and creative ways. The most effective social media strategy will be different for each company; we work with our clients individually to identify what makes the most sense to help them accomplish their business and communications objectives. While this Pinterest approach might not be right for every organization, it is definitely worth exploring!

How is your brand leveraging Pinterest?


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