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03.09.2012 | Kari Day

LinkedIn recently announced the addition of a new “Follow Company” button to its social networking site. I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and, in fact, a few of us at Communiqué PR have written about it over the last several months. With 150 million members and greater than two million member companies, it’s evident that LinkedIn is increasing in value as a brand marketing tool. According to LinkedIn, companies including American Express, AT&T and Starbucks, have already committed to adding the button to their sites

The new “Follow Company” button enables brands to embed a new link on their homepages. The idea is akin to “liking” a brand on Facebook or following them on Twitter. Users will receive automatic updates on company news directly from the brands they choose in their LinkedIn feeds.

Not only does this feature allow LinkedIn to move beyond just being a great networking tool, but it also compels its member companies to be heads-up: It’s contingent on the brands that use the tool to add news items or links to their blog. After all, people sign up for a reason: They want information. It’s also important for company’s who commit to the service to remember what LinkedIn is all about.

First and foremost, LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking site. Sharing company news and information, until now at least, has been secondary. Brands need to consider who is using LinkedIn and for what purpose when they’re deciding what to post. The news feeds that their followers will be interested in are those that help them connect with their peers and enhance their professional network. News feeds, job postings, and industry trends are reasons why users will want to follow a brand on LinkedIn.

From a brand perspective, including the “Follow Company” button can help to generate brand awareness for a company and increase the number of brand loyalists. It’s the best kind of cheap – free! – and is an easy way to grow your presence on LinkedIn to engage your target audience and potential employees.

Ready to get started? Just head over to LinkedIn’s developer website to get the button and add it to your website.


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