Great Tools to Get a Pulse on the Analyst Landscape

04.06.2011 | Melissa Liton

Analysts are a critical audience. They influence customers, provide endorsement to the media, and help create visibility around the category. Developing an effective analyst relations program is often one of the cornerstones of our clients’ overall PR programs. However recently, there’s been a significant amount of consolidation in the analyst arena with large firms such as Forrester and Gartner acquiring second- and third-tier firms to expand research agendas and win new customers. This consolidation has left many PR and marketing professionals rushing to get their arms around this new landscape.

As I was working to get a sense of the current state of analyst relations for a presentation, I came across a couple of great resources which I thought would be helpful to share including:

  • SageCircleSageCircle “is an advisory resource that delivers AR strategic planning and tactical tools for vendors of high tech products and services.” In addition to its paid services, the company has a fantastic blog, which I read regularly to get a pulse on the analyst community. The blog covers a variety of topics surrounding both top- and second-tier firms including trend reports, social media, new hires, job openings, earnings announcements and more. This blog was incredibly helpful for a recent presentation I developed for a client surrounding analyst trends for 2011.
  • Institute of Industry Analyst Relations – another excellent resource, Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) blog covers topics useful for PR and marketing professionals including analyst trends, criteria for selecting a paid analyst relationship, consolidation, and event recaps. The IIAR is a “not-for-profit organization established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers.” 

In addition to these high-level industry blogs, most analyst firms have a corporate blog as well as a series of analyst blogs that cover trends and observations in a variety of industries. These can be valuable resources when looking to get a sense of a specific analyst’s perspective on a particular trend or topic.

Do you have a favorite analyst resource? We’d love to hear about it, drop us a line or leave a comment.


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