5 Ideas to Make your Pop-up Shop Instagrammable

05.01.2018 | Janae Frisch

Every brand wants customers to be their brand ambassadors on social media, and what better way to do this than creating an engaging pop-up activation that followers can visit and post about.

Instagram is one of the most public channels that consumers use to discover and learn more about brands, as well as share branded experiences such as visiting their favorite pop-up shop or event. For your next pop-up, leverage the power of social media and create Instagrammable moments. Here are some ideas you can implement at your next activation:

1. Catchy Phrases
A simple way to promote social-sharing at your pop-up is by creating signs with unique phrases. Figure out, depending on your brand, event and attendees, what will appeal most to them, such as humor, aiming to inspire, or showing off your brand personality in a different way.

There are several ways you can pull this off, such as:
• Chalkboards
• Framed pictures with text
• Visual displays
• Lights on walls or floors
• Neon light signs (like the Kate Spade Saturday Pop-Up Shop)









2. Unique Design Features
Fun Walls
Incorporating fun visuals on your walls serves as the perfect selfie backdrop. In some cases, it can even be the focal point of an image shared on Instagram or other social channels.

When it comes to the walls of your pop-up, get creative. Use patterned wallpaper, scenic backdrops or interactivity to create a moment that’s worth sharing. Frankie + Jo’s Plant Based Ice Cream has successfully knocked this out of the park with their palm wallpaper that takes this little ice cream shop from a tasty treat to a photo-worthy destination.












Funky Floors
Much like walls, floors can also set the stage for a visually appealing Instagram shot. Rather than the “traditional” selfie, unique flooring is the perfect backdrop for the foot selfie. If you’re a footwear brand, you may want to pay extra attention to the floors — this is a great way to get your product featured on social media.

Fancy Fixtures
Unique fixtures such as lighting or door knobs/handles can also create buzz on social media. Use themed fixtures to match your event, enhance your brand image, or add to the customer experience.

3. Leverage Pop Culture
Your brand doesn’t have to be front-and-center of every aspect of your pop-up. Instead, focus on your audience and what interests them. Pop culture trends can be a great source of inspiration to create Instagram-worthy shots.

Google tapped into the popularity of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series with its New York City pop-up. They recreated the visually iconic living room with letters and lights on the wall. Shots of the living room are all over Instagram.












4. Shareable Experiences
We all hear about the importance of meaningful brand experiences. This is no different when it comes to social sharing. Create memorable, shareable experiences through your pop-up to organically encourage posting to Instagram and other social channels.

Here’s an example: Brit + Co hosted the #CreateGood pop-up to establish a physical experience of the online community they’ve cultivated. The pop-up was all about empowering women, and it was widely shared on Instagram.

5. Social-Sharing Prompts
One of the most effective ways to create social sharing is to prompt your guests to do so. One way to do this is to create a hashtag and include it on all visuals (such as signage, programs, etc.). Including your social handles is another way to gain more followers through the pop-up experience, too.


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