Benefits of Offering Multiple Spokespeople in Your Pitch

04.03.2018 | Janae Frisch

As a general rule of thumb in PR, every pitch should offer a dedicated spokesperson. Without losing sight of the foundational steps of ensuring your listed spokesperson is approved to speak on behalf of the company and prepared to speak to your pitch, consider the benefits of offering multiple spokespeople.

This strategy is particularly helpful when you’re attempting to illustrate a wide range of impacts and expand the perspective beyond just one company’s experience. Multiple spokespeople from different organizations help fill out the story and broaden the value to appeal to more readers.

When offering several spokespeople in a pitch, it’s helpful to provide additional context to help the reporter make the connection as to why these individuals are relevant to the story, and clearly articulate what is unique about their perspective or viewpoint.

Having multiple spokespeople available also allows you to strategically deploy different people to handle different mediums. You might use a knowledgeable but not as charismatic technical expert to handle print interviews and perhaps a less knowledgeable but more charismatic leader to handle broadcast interviews.

Finding the right spokespeople is critical to the success of your pitch. There are a few essential elements to consider when on the hunt:

Demonstrate subject matter expertise

In addition to offering your client’s perspective, identifying spokespeople who can provide specific subject matter expertise strengthens your credibility on an issue. For the best chance of exposure, aim to link your subject-matter expert’s knowledge and experience directly to the topic you’re pitching and clearly outline how the expertise will provide additional value. When applicable, draw parallels with relevant world events in the news cycle. Not only does this demonstrate your attention to timely topics, it also translates to a wider audience interest.

Provide a counter point

Offering a spokesperson with a counter point to the conflict you’re addressing demonstrates a big picture understanding about the situation that goes beyond just your client’s point of view. Journalists are always looking for a fresh approach, especially if an issue seems one-sided on the surface.

Leverage influencers

The more influential a spokesperson is in your niche, the more relevant your company is likely to become in the industry. Most people with authority have influence and a large following behind them. Consider who is top of your field and with whom you could cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship. Steve Olensky in Forbes describes influencers as “personalities who are perceived as having an impact, an influence, with a business’ purchasing client base.” For additional insight into influencer marketing strategies, check out a recent Communiqué PR blog for a deeper dive.


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