Truth in the Age of Digital Fakery

10.11.2017 | Colleen Moffitt

In late September, I had the opportunity to participate in a compelling dinner salon discussion with a handful of local technology and business leaders hosted by Intentional Futures. The topic of discussion focused on “the fight for truth” and how news organizations can combat fake information in light of new technologies. The fight for news has gotten more challenging with the evolution of technologies – including Face2Face, VoCo, and Lyrebird – that enable the digital manipulation of audio and video.

While there are some interesting positive-use cases for this new computer-generated audio and video technology, ultimately these technologies will make it a lot harder for viewers to discern truth from fiction. We discussed the potential impact of this technology, which included:

• Shifting power centers: Those that understand and use this new type of media will be in a position to manage perceptions
• Enabling hyper-personalization of messaging
• Increasing skepticism: What is a “trusted source” in this new landscape?
• Development of new authentication technologies: the idea of “Blockchain-like authentication for your own likeness”

It was fascinating to dig into this topic with leaders representing a broad range of expertise and perspectives. The discussion broadened my awareness of the potential issues and vulnerabilities, as well as possible use cases that might have a positive impact.

What are your thoughts regarding the evolution of fake news? Clearly this is not something that is going to go away and will likely increase in sophistication.


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