Working with Influencers: How to Make an Impact with your Audience

09.13.2017 | Christie Melby

Influencer marketing has become an incredibly popular method brands use to reach their consumers—especially social media. A study conducted by Tomoson in 2015 proved exactly why this has become one of marketers’ favorite news tools, stating brands make $6.50 in revenue for every $1 they spend on average on influencer marketing. In fact, so many marketers are seeing the positive effects of this method that 59 percent stated they would be increasing the budget for this activity.

With such impressive numbers, and the added benefit of tracking the effectiveness (to a degree) with click-throughs and engagement, it is no wonder this method has become an integral part of brands’ marketing plans. So if you are working with an influencer, here are a few ideas around how to leverage them to connect with your audience and drive results for your brand.

Personal Branding

Any influencer a brand collaborates with will already have some sort of following – that’s what makes them an influencer. And with a following comes personal branding. They’ve already built a persona for themselves, whether they are a reality TV star, a makeup artist on YouTube, a professional athlete or a comedian. Their audience has an understanding of who they are and you want to ensure that their personal branding messages align with your brand’s messages.

That being said, as you begin working with an influencer, have a conversation with them to understand what messages they are passionate about not specifically related to your brand. Once you have a clear understanding of the messages they want to communicate, you can determine how to best align your brand and its messages with their messages. By working backward, you can authentically intertwine the influencer’s messages with the brand’s messages, making them more impactful and enabling them to better resonate with the target audiences.

Social Media

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, you’ve seen some form of influencer marketing. You may not always be aware of it, though many more influencers are adding “#ad” to their posts, but influencers are everywhere.

Of course, one of the most apparent ways to leverage social media when working with an influencer is to create social media posts that tie back to your brand. This could show the individual using your product or it could be an image of an activity with a description about how your product or service enhanced that experience. Images are a critical aspect of not only influencer marketing, but marketing in general. If you share a piece of information with someone, they will likely only remember 10 percent of it three days later. Add an image to that information and information is retained increases to 65 percent.

In addition to having the influencer post about the brand, its products or updates, you should also interact with the influencer from the company handles. Retweet or regram a post they have shared or comment on the post itself. This will reinforce the connection between the brand and the influencer. Lastly, create a specific hashtag for the influencer to use when posting about the brand. This will enable people who come across the post to easily find one centralized area with all of the posts shared by the influencer. It’s a way to create a story arc in the crowded, content-saturated environments created by social media.

In-Person Events

One of the reasons social media has become so popular is because it enables people to directly connect with others, especially those who once seemed out of reach, such as movie stars, models, sport icons, etc. Social media has provided fans and consumers with what feels like a direct line of sight into individuals’ lives, creating a behind-the-scenes look.

Consumers are often very curious to know what influencers do day-to-day, how their careers or fields operate, their personal interests and anecdotes, and what products they are using and enjoy. An in-person event is a way to enhance the connection between the audience and the individual and increase the number of messages the influencer can share with their audiences. Instead of having the audience’s attention for a matter of seconds as they scroll through their feeds, the influencer can captivate their attention for the length of the event and build a more meaningful, personal connection.

Influencers are becoming an integral portion of marketing campaigns and the number of brands leveraging them is growing. To ensure your campaign is successful in cutting through the noise, create authentic messages, encourage engagement, and create opportunities for your audiences to build personal connections.


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