Important Things to Know About TEDxSeattle

TEDxSeattle is one of the largest and oldest TEDx events in the U.S. Started in 2010, it is a day-long program held each November attracting about 2,600 curious and involved attendees. According to its organizers, “[TEDxSeattle] is carefully designed to honor a city known for its blend of innovators, technology leaders and edgy artists.” Recently, […]


Everything You Need to Know About UPI

Think about the well-known names in news media. There is a good possibility that at least one of these names popped into your head: The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox, ABC, NBC, and Associated Press. Throughout history, there have been certain news sources that are especially well known and […]


Original Shows within Social Media: The Newest Trend Millennials Have Ignited

As an avid social media user and communications student, I was intrigued by Time Warner and Snap’s June 19 announcement to bring shows from Time Warner brands to Snapchat users. According to the press release, “Under this new agreement, Time Warner will make a significant commitment to develop and produce shows for Snapchat from across […]


The Top 10 Most Influential Smart Technology Reporters

Recently, Communique PR completed a project with our client, Smartlabs Inc., a tech company specializing in electronic home improvement and automation. Recently acquired by Richmond Capital Partners, Smartlabs is the parent company of both Insteon and Smarthome. According to CNBC, 80 million smart-home devices were delivered worldwide in 2016, which is a 64 percent increase […]


How to Successfully Join Political Conversations

Through various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, brands not only have an avenue to engage with customers, but a way to build a personality and express the brand’s values. And it doesn’t stop with brands. These platforms, along with opportunities to contribute content to well-established media outlets, enable executives to express their […]

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