3 Steps to Success: Your First Year in PR and Onward

“We are excited to have you onboard,” one of the founding partners told me as I was settling into my new role. Little did I know, what I was about to embark on would change my perception on PR, business and what it means to do what you love. It all started with my fascination […]


10 Practical Skills from Food Service to PR

They say do what you love and it will never feel like work, it’s cliché but it’s essentially true. Just recently I began my career in PR and though I absolutely love my new job, it triggered a huge lifestyle shift. I worked in the hospitality industry for the past eight years and I did […]


Sparking Creative Culture

We’ve all been there. It’s 3 p.m. and you’ve hit a wall. Your creative juices are no longer flowing and it seems like every sound, sight and smell is a distraction. But plodding through an eight-hour work day with no breaks doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get more done. In fact, many studies suggest you […]


Seven Ways to Ace That Public Relations Agency Interview

While talking with professionals seeking employment at Communiqué PR, we meet a variety of candidates with different levels of experience. And sometimes we find ourselves impressed with candidates who present themselves well during the interview process. If you’re curious about the traits of successful job candidates, we’ve compiled a few tips for PR professionals seeking […]


Four Tips to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile

Today, there are many different social media sites available. So what makes LinkedIn more appealing to professionals? Having just recently joined the one hundred million other users, I wanted to learn more about the site and discover the advantages LinkedIn offers to working professionals over other social media sites. In addition, after reading Jennifer’s blog […]

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