PR & Brand Advocates: Who’s Who in Brand Advocacy?

In its simplest form, a brand advocate is someone or something that acts in favor of a brand or product and is responsible for spreading positive word-of-mouth messages about the brand to others. If you stumbled upon this post in a wandering Google search or with little knowledge of PR, let’s just say that the […]


The Ups and Downs of Brand Imaging In the Age of Social Activism

As a student of the University of Washington’s business school and as an intern here at Communiqué PR, I have spent a lot of time over my college career learning about brand image and messaging and the importance of consistency. As I’ve come to understand it, brand image is a crucial part of any team’s […]


What, Exactly, Is Thought Leadership?

Over the time that I have worked at Communiqué, the term “thought leader” has popped up frequently. In fact, it’s kind of been everywhere. Thought leaders are mentioned in articles, blog posts are written about the importance of developing thought leadership, and thought leaders are sought out for speaking opportunities. At first, I didn’t give […]


The 3-Ingredient Recipe to Standing Out

Standing out is tough. As PR professionals, we can empathize with that statement. We battle daily for journalists’ time and attention. We have to consider which story is most likely to catch their eye, what assets we can we provide to entice them to request an interview, and how to package all of it into […]


The Rise of the Social Storyteller: Empowering Customers to Tell Your Brand’s Story

The art of storytelling is nothing new. Since the days of cavemen carving hieroglyphics into rocks, humans have been using images, and eventually words, to share their experiences with others. As humans, we all tell stories every day. Whether we’re telling our friends about a crazy snowstorm or raving to our coworkers about a new […]

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