The Evolution of Facebook’s Messaging

The last few months Facebook has been the center of the media’s attention. In case you haven’t sifted through the articles, the gist of the story is this: Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm hired by President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, gained access to private information from millions of Facebook users. The backlash has been […]


Mirror Mirror: Value Review Programs and Taking Time for Self-Evaluation

Every March, Communiqué PR (CPR) kicks off its annual review process. During this time, each full-time employee conducts a self-evaluation where we review the core areas of our day-to-day roles and responsibilities and assess our performance over the past year. In this review period, we also share peer reviews and set goals that echo our […]


Anyone Can Lead: Takeaways from Harvard’s Professional Development Training

I recently had the opportunity to go back to school and attend a professional development course at Harvard University’s Extension School. The specific course I participated in was Managing Yourself and Leading Others and entailed two full days on Harvard’s campus with a very diverse group of about 50 individuals. The course was incredibly valuable, […]


7 Ways Your Pop-Up Shop Can Make an Impact with Consumers

Pop-ups have surged in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. With retail space at a premium and online retailers looking for a brick-and-mortar presence, pop-up shops have become a tried and tested business strategy. It’s no secret that pop-up shops can help fuel consumer engagement. Below are seven ways brands can leverage pop-up […]


NYT intros augmented reality: Is it the future of visual journalism or a bunch of hype?

The ways that journalists report on news – and the way that their audiences consume it – is changing day to day. Earlier this month The New York Times ran its first augmented reality (AR) feature story previewing the Winter Olympics, allowing readers to “meet” and watch Olympic athletes in 3D through their smartphones. As […]

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