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Enhancing Your Creativity with Feedback

As many of my friends and family know, I’ve recently begun doing more creative writing in the form of a historical novel and have had many new skills to learn. Fortunately, the classes I’ve taken at Seattle’s Hugo House have been tremendously helpful as I strive to develop compelling characters, put them in interesting situations, […]


Redefining Hot Cocoa: Darigold Releases New Heat N’ Serve Hot Cocoa

With cooler weather rolling in and pumpkin-spice goods filling store shelves, there is no question that my favorite season is quickly approaching: the holiday season! When you picture the perfect winter day, what do you see? Are you skiing, sledding or chasing the kids around outside? Are you cozied up on the couch, reading a […]


Building Motivation as a Learned Skill

Recently I began reading Charles Duhigg’s book, Smarter Faster Better, about how to be more productive in life and business. The first chapter focuses on motivation, which is important because motivation is often the driving force or reason that people strive to reach a goal, endeavor towards personal success or work to solve a problem. […]


Supporting Delta-Q Charge the Lithium Battery Industry

For nearly four years, Communiqué PR has been working with Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) to help achieve its communications objectives and raise awareness of its battery-charging solutions for electric-drive vehicles and machines. From industrial floor cleaners to sport and utility vehicles, Delta-Q continues to transform the battery-charging market by providing solutions that allow original equipment manufacturers […]


In Defense of Fun Fun Fun in the Workplace

While it seems counterintuitive, the idea of “fun” in the workplace is actually pretty divisive. There’s always at least one overly enthusiastic member of an office “Fun Committee” who is just a little too excited about organizing the next happy hour, or potluck, or ping pong tournament (“Cake in the break room for Karen’s birthday!!!!!”). […]

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