5 Ideas to Make your Pop-up Shop Instagrammable

Every brand wants customers to be their brand ambassadors on social media, and what better way to do this than creating an engaging pop-up activation that followers can visit and post about. Instagram is one of the most public channels that consumers use to discover and learn more about brands, as well as share branded […]


Crossovers Between Internal and External Communications

Last week at our Communiqué PR brownbag, Melissa Cafiero, a past Communiqué employee and current senior communications manager at Projectline for Microsoft Windows NEXT, took time out of her week to share insight about her experience managing internal communications. As an experienced PR and corporate communications executive, Melissa is passionate about helping organizations uncover the […]


NYT intros augmented reality: Is it the future of visual journalism or a bunch of hype?

The ways that journalists report on news – and the way that their audiences consume it – is changing day to day. Earlier this month The New York Times ran its first augmented reality (AR) feature story previewing the Winter Olympics, allowing readers to “meet” and watch Olympic athletes in 3D through their smartphones. As […]


2018 Edelman Trust Barometer Reports Record-Breaking Drop in Trust in the U.S.

The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust in the U.S. has suffered a record-breaking drop in the survey’s 18-year history. No country saw steeper declines than the U.S., with a 37-point drop in trust across all institutions. While the survey provides deep insight into the polarization of trust in business, government, NGOs and media […]


HuffPost Halts Unpaid Contributors: Can Anyone Be a Credible Journalist These Days? Should They?

In an unexpected move for its readers and its more than 100,000 contributors, HuffPost announced recently it would be ending its popular unpaid contributor network. According to The New York Times, “The decision was rooted as much in a move to declutter the site as in Ms. Polgreen’s (editor in chief Lydia Polgreen) desire to […]

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