Twitter Doubles Its Character Limit

In case you missed it, on Nov. 7 2017, Twitter granted most of its users the ability to double the length of their tweets to 280 characters. Users had previously been limited to posts of 140 characters, challenging them to be concise in a way that wasn’t required on other social media platforms. For instance, […]


Keeping up with your Deadlines

Deadlines are an important aspect of any job and PR is no different. In a field that is fast-paced and news-driven, meeting deadlines can be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one. Staying on top of different deadlines for various projects and ensuring everything meets those deadlines can be stressful and daunting, […]


Both Seniors and Family Caregivers Benefit After A Move to Assisted Living

Moving a senior loved one to an assisted living facility is an important decision that most families will encounter one day. According to the CDC, there are more than 34 million unpaid caregivers providing care to someone in the United States today, and that number is anticipated to grow as the baby boomer generation continues […]


How to host a legendairy event: An overview of the Darigold farm tour

Over the last year, Communiqué PR has been working with Darigold, a dairy co-op, and in that time we have promoted its new naturally white cheddar cheese, planned and hosted an event for the Sunnyside Plant expansion, and shared an abundance of delicious Darigold recipes. After a year of great results highlighting the products, the […]


Planning a Corporate Event? Read This First

On Wednesday, June 22, I started the drive from Sunnyside, Washington, back to Seattle feeling giddy and relieved. After three months of working with Darigold to plan and execute its Sunnyside plant expansion celebration for 400 guests, the event was over and it was a success. Whether your guest list is for 4 people or […]

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