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Circle Back and Ping Me When You Have Bandwidth: Trying to Cut Through the Jargon and Buzzwords in Tech PR

Last week I was trying to make plans with a friend and suggested he “ping me” when he had a better sense of his schedule. “What’s ping?” he asked. “Is that a new app or something?” That’s when it hit me. I had become a corporate buzzword abuser. I “circle back” with reporters. We strive […]


Cision’s Six Tips For Building an Enterprise Social Media Plan

Would you believe it if you heard that nearly 11 percent of most marketing budgets are dedicated to social media? How about if you heard that among Fortune 500 companies, nearly 98 percent rely on social media for a combination of public relations, marketing, and customer service and industry insights? While these statistics alone are […]


Tips for Managing a Large Volume of Email

For many young adults entering the professional workforce, the ability to successfully manage email can be daunting. If not correctly managed, important emails can wind up at the bottom of one’s inbox, which may lead to a late reply or missed opportunity. Managers, business partners, and customers also expect people to master email because so […]


Cision’s Five Truths of Modern Media Targeting

If you subscribe to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) queries, you’re likely familiar with the format of these email alerts. If you are not, welcome to the world of HARO – a great database for journalists and PR professionals with a number of sources for upcoming stories and opportunities to secure media coverage for clients. HARO […]


Figuring Out AP Style

If you work in PR, there is a 99-percent chance you have written in AP Style, considering it is the leading writing and usage style guide for both reporters and public-facing corporate communication. When I first started interning at Communique, I had never even heard about AP Style and I certainly didn’t know any of […]

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