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Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye—55 Blog Post Ideas (You Can Thank Me Later)

When it’s time to write a blog post, more often than not, I find myself searching for inspiration. I want the post to be intriguing, educational, helpful, relevant and relatable for readers, but finding a topic that encompasses all of these attributes is, without fail, incredibly difficult. As I scoured the news, blogs and Google [...]


Going Beyond “The Google”: The Importance of Research and Critical Thinking in PR

Our team at Communique PR recently hosted a visit from some students at Seattle University’s PRSSA chapter and we had the opportunity to share our experiences as PR professionals and offer advice for people considering PR as a career. I got to thinking about the various tasks I work on throughout my day – drafting [...]


The Digital Debate: What the State of the News Media Means for PR

Digital or print? In the PR world, it’s a question we hear all the time. As outlets increasingly turn digital and audiences go mobile, many in the industry wonder whether print coverage—the onetime king of earned media—still carries the same weight, or if their interests would be better met with a digital-first approach. And what [...]


Joke’s on You: Should PR Pros Leverage April Fools’ Day?

This past week, April Fools’ Day once again took the Internet by storm as brands unleashed jokes and hoaxes (here’s one of our favorites, complements of Petco). But not everyone was laughing—through all the pranks, we were most intrigued by an article from Entrepreneur’s editorial director, Ray Hennessey: “Entrepreneur editor: Prank us on April Fools’ [...]


Why Slow PR is Crucial for Building and Maintaining Relationships with Journalists

Building relationships with media is a crucial element to PR success, and implementing “slow PR” tactics can assist in the ongoing and sometimes tedious process of building rapport with journalists. So what exactly does slow PR entail? According to a recent blog post on Cision by Erin Feldman, slow PR “blends traditional tactics with digital [...]

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