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What Journalists Want: Findings from the 2014 Business Wire Media Survey

As PR professionals, we are constantly trying to get into journalists’ heads to determine what they’re looking for from us. What kinds of multimedia elements are most helpful? How in-depth should our pitches be? Should we engage reporters on Twitter? Luckily Business Wire might have some of the answers. It recently conducted a media survey [...]


Reddit Live Hits the Interverse – 6 Things to Know About the New Live-Blogging Feature

Last month, Reddit announced the release of Reddit Live, its own live-blogging feature. The “breaking news” platform allows Redditors to create their own live blogs via subreddits and invite contributors to post real-time updates. Unlike traditional Reddit threads, Reddit Live threads update automatically—meaning anyone watching will receive instant updates without having to refresh the feed. [...]


The State of Public Relations 2014 Busts Myths About How PR Professionals Employ Digital Media Technologies

If you have been practicing public relations for longer than a decade, you are more than aware that the industry and how we practice the craft have evolved in response to new digital tools. From email and social media, to branded digital content and SEO tactics, we have been provided with such an abundance of [...]


PR Worldwide – The Importance of In-Country Support

In early July my Communiqué PR cohort Jaymelina Esmele and I traveled to Brescia, Italy, to participate in the semi-annual meeting of the PRN, a worldwide network of boutique PR firms. Our firm joined the network at the start of 2014 after working with two member agencies, Proof Communication and Sympra, on joint projects, and [...]


The Changing Landscape of Media Relations: My Advice to PR Pros

As PR professionals, we love the adrenaline rush of landing that big interview for a client with the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or the New York Times, and yet few outside of the industry actually understand the myriad of factors reporters consider when deciding whether or not to open up our emails, respond to our [...]

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