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Incorporating Webinars into Your Content Marketing and Lead Gen Mix

Increasingly, organizations of all sizes are leveraging webinars to establish thought leadership, foster lead generation, and interact with their target audiences. The Content Marketing Institute found that 60 percent of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing programs. Further, a survey by the research firm Demand Metric, together with Vidyard, found that [...]


Live Stream Video—A New Tool for PR Pros to Master?

This year, the NFL announced it will live stream Thursday Night Football games on Twitter, Facebook launched its new video streaming capabilities through Facebook Live, and in 2014 Snapchat experienced a  growth of 57 percent. The idea of video streaming via social media is clearly an idea that is sticking with consumers and driving high [...]


Radio Reincarnated: How PR Professionals Can Leverage the Rise of Podcasting

Video may have killed the radio star, but it has reincarnated as a podcast host. Podcasts are essentially radio that appeals to listeners’ niche interests and enthusiasms and is free from the constraints of a network programming clock. This type of oral storytelling has quickly gained popularity: The percentage of Americans who have listened to [...]


Four Lessons that Apply to Both Golf and PR

In the time I have been at Communiqué PR, I have realized that I can apply many of the lessons I have learned from golf to public relations. Both golf and PR have landscapes that are constantly changing, however, are full of opportunities. Opportunities that through precise execution and careful planning (or practice), can achieve [...]


Uncovering Content Management Systems: Step Two in Creative Content Marketing

After writing my last blog post, “Considerations to Stay Competitive in Creative Content Marketing,” I learned just how overwhelming analyzing and distinguishing which method of the vast number of available content marketing platforms to utilize can be. The decision of selecting the platform or platforms needs to be thoughtful and requires critical thinking around which [...]

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