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Don’t Be Fooled on April 1

April Fools’ Day is tomorrow and along with it will come a flood of pranks and hoaxes from many well-known brands and companies. You can always count on some brilliant spoofs from Google and one of my favorites from last year was Scope’s bacon mouthwash. When executed well, April Fools’ Day pranks are a great [...]


Surprise! Science Provides Critical Insight Into Headlines: PR Pros and Hacks Can Realize Huge Increase in Content Sharing With Smart Word Selection

For many PR practitioners, describing our profession often includes some sort of caveat that PR is more of an art than a science. According to a recent article in Ragan’s PR Daily, this accepted understanding of the industry may be changing. In “Words that makes (sic) your headline more shareable,” writer Adrienne Erin shares a [...]


Finding Your Audience

So you want to pitch a story. The modern public relations practitioner has thousands of ways to reach his or her audience. There are mommy blogs, industry blogs, analyst reports, social media, national dailies, niche market outlets and glossy magazines—not to mention your company’s or client’s own online newsroom. With so many options available, it’s [...]


Social, Search or Direct? How Viewers Get to News Matters & What It Means for PR

According to a recent, particularly fascinating Pew Research Center report, the path that readers take to arrive at a news site reveals a lot about their level of engagement with the outlet and its content. In other words, the amount of time someone spends reading an article or browsing an online site depends largely on [...]


Infographic: Must-Know Social Media Statistics From 2013

While 2014 may already be in full swing, there’s still much that can be learned from 2013. I came across an infographic from SpareFoot which summarizes some truly interesting social media statistics from the past year.  As you formulate your social media strategies for 2014, consider the following: In 2013, 30 percent of traffic from [...]

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