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Looking Ahead to 2017: What’s On the Horizon for Marketing

With 2017 just around the corner (it’s hard to believe, I know), marketers and journalists are already predicting trends set to take off in the coming year. I recently read an article in Forbes highlighting the top 10 marketing predictions for 2017 and found the following predictions to be particularly on point: Data scientists will [...]


Why Journalists and PR Pros Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

As one of the most contentious and theatrical presidential elections in U.S. history unfolds before our eyes, many citizens are thinking about what it truly means to be a democracy. Freedom of speech is undoubtedly one of the most significant aspects of an ideal democratic society, and for those of us working in media, it [...]


Don’t Send That Pitch via Twitter or Facebook Just Yet

Jay Greene, of The Wall Street Journal; Nick Wingfield, reporter for The New York Times; and Mary Jo Foley, of ZDNet, made it clear earlier this month during their panel at the Geekwire Summit: Don’t pitch them via social media – they all prefer email. And they are not alone. According to a recent survey [...]


The Twitter Advantage

Social-media presence is becoming an increasingly important tool for any business. Social media allows businesses to target specific audiences, have greater control of their messaging, and allows direct interaction with customers. Though there are benefits to any social media platform, when it comes to speed and direct customer interaction Twitter is king. Up until very [...]


The Rise of the Social Storyteller: Empowering Customers to Tell Your Brand’s Story

The art of storytelling is nothing new. Since the days of cavemen carving hieroglyphics into rocks, humans have been using images, and eventually words, to share their experiences with others. As humans, we all tell stories every day. Whether we’re telling our friends about a crazy snowstorm or raving to our coworkers about a new [...]

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