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4 Reasons Not To Hide From Deskside Meetings

Raise your hand if you have read and responded to all of the emails in your inbox this week. While I’m sure there will be some overachievers out there, I’m betting the majority of you have at least one or two emails you’re putting off replying to or you simply deleted. In PR, we’ve all [...]


David vs Goliath: Korean-based Polaris Office Dares to Challenge Microsoft and Google with New Office Software for the U.S. Market

Polaris Office, a client of Communiqué PR, is introducing a new office productivity suite in the U.S. market in a daring attempt to disrupt the current status quo and offer an alternative to industry Goliaths Microsoft and Google. Polaris Office is a Korean-based software company offering an intuitive, cloud-based office productivity suite that breaks down [...]


Establishing Thought Leadership in a Crowded, Competitive Industry: Versium’s Predictive Lead Score Launch

Communiqué PR recently started working with Versium, a Redmond, Wash.-based company that provides automated data technology solutions to enterprise and agency marketers. Versium delivers predictive scores that are built from the company’s proprietary LifeData® platform, which contains over half a trillion data attributes sourced from publicly observable and commercially available means. In a nutshell, Versium [...]


Writing Checklist: A Simple Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

PR professionals do a ton of writing every day. Whether we are developing a press release, byline article, award submission, blog post, speaking proposal, case study, etc., we typically communicate through written words. Luckily, I love to write. It’s been a hobby of mine ever since I learned how to hold a pencil. Why I [...]


Behind the Scenes Look at the Introduction of Caitlyn Jenner

Possibly one of the most talked about event events of 2015 was the farewell to Bruce Jenner and the introduction to Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner has been in the spotlight for decades and is a household name to all generation because of Olympic achievements and reality television stardom. In April of 2015, the much-anticipated interview with [...]

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