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The Rise of the Social Storyteller: Empowering Customers to Tell Your Brand’s Story

The art of storytelling is nothing new. Since the days of cavemen carving hieroglyphics into rocks, humans have been using images, and eventually words, to share their experiences with others. As humans, we all tell stories every day. Whether we’re telling our friends about a crazy snowstorm or raving to our coworkers about a new [...]


Automation’s Role in PR: Why We Will Never Have ‘PR-Bots’

In a world where pizzas are assembled by robots and hotel room service can be delivered by a mechanical butler, is it safe to assume that with the help of artificial intelligence and automation we might soon see the demise of the (human) public relations professional? Selfishly speaking (as both a PR professional and a [...]


Press Release Playbook

The recent New York Times Insider article, “How New York Times Stories Are Like Footballs,” shares a behind-the -scenes look into the editing process of articles, illustrating how stories typically move through the review staff like a football in a strategically designed, somewhat frantic, play. After reading this article, I wanted to address these editing [...]


Best Practices for Content Syndication

As more and more businesses are creating unique content to reach key audiences, we thought it would be helpful to outline some best practices around syndication agreements. Content syndication is the act of giving other organizations the right to copy or republish your work – in the form of print material, video, music or digital [...]


The Social Media Element You Forgot to Include in Your Plan

As PR professionals, we are often asked to provide counsel or create strategies around social media platforms on behalf of our clients. We all know that social media is an excellent way to engage with target audiences, develop brand voice, establish thought leadership, and share useful content. However, one element has failed to be included [...]

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