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What the FTC’s Guidelines on Native Advertising Mean for PR Professionals

The heyday of native advertising is over. Even before the ornaments are taken down from the tree to be placed carefully into dusty boxes marked “Xmas,” the Federal Trade Commission released its new guidelines for native advertising that are sending people into a tizzy and forever changing the way publishers and brands leverage the controversial [...]


Conducting the Successful Satellite Media Tour

One often overlooked activity in the PR professional’s arsenal is the satellite media tour. The satellite media tour (SMT) involves leveraging an expert spokesperson and making him or her available for live or taped interviews with television news teams. For instance, Joan Lunden, an award-winning journalist, bestselling author, motivational speaker, women’s health and wellness advocate, [...]


3 Steps to Success: Your First Year in PR and Onward

“We are excited to have you onboard,” one of the founding partners told me as I was settling into my new role. Little did I know, what I was about to embark on would change my perception on PR, business and what it means to do what you love. It all started with my fascination [...]


2015 – Communiqué PR Year in Review

As we look back on another year there are numerous successes, big and small, to celebrate. 2015 has been a year of growth for Communiqué PR! We settled into our new, larger office space, added several new clients to our portfolio as well as a few new PR professionals to our stellar team. We saw the [...]


Hello from the Other Side: What Adele Can Teach Us About PR

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for pretty much anything Adele does. So when Inc. Magazine recently ran a column about “6 Great Business Lessons from Adele’s Branding Strategy,” you know I was all over it. I’d like to think that almost everyone can learn something from Adele and that includes PR and communications professionals. [...]

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