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Chatting with A Place for Mom’s Data Journalist

Data journalism. One of the biggest trends in reporting right now but often a misunderstood science.  When people think about a data journalist, images of a man or woman with thick glasses and a pocket protector furiously tapping into a calculator often springs to mind. But of course, anyone who knows or works with a [...]


Hitting ‘Refresh’ On Your Marketing Content

It’s no question that visual content has seen an uptick in the past year. Between the growing popularity and competition between major social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, as well as the steady hype around VR integrations to enhance the user experience, the opportunity for diversifying marketing campaigns and introducing exciting visuals such [...]


Is Your PR Firm Meeting Your Service Needs?

By now, we all know that meaningful relationships are the cornerstone to being successful in PR. From a client’s perspective, strong relationships can be the deciding factor when selecting a PR firm or reevaluating whether it’s time to seek out a new PR partner. With so many options available (a Google search for PR firms [...]


New Year, New Company Messaging? Try Media Training

As we kick off 2017, it’s an opportune time to consider media training for your spokespersons. Consider the following. Since last year, have your messages changed or evolved? Have spokespersons had an opportunity to practice delivering those messages in a clear and consistent manner? Do you have new subject matter experts or executives who need [...]


4 Tips for Getting Clients to Buy-In on Your Ideas

As PR professionals, our success hinges on getting buy-in from clients on our ideas. Without clients’ approval to execute our strategies, we cannot drive results. But getting buy-in can be challenging, particularly if your idea is out-of-the-box. Kodak, for example, chose not to pursue digital cameras after the first one was developed in their lab [...]

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