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Public Relations Trends to Look Out for in 2017

In three short days, 2016 comes to a close and people across the globe will toast 2017 as they welcome in the New Year. This time marks a period of reflection and promises of self-change for many people, while others take advantage of the time off work to celebrate accomplishments from the prior year. For [...]


Why PR Pros Should be Worried about Fake News – And How We Can Fight It

While fake content has circulated in tabloids and on the internet for years, the 2016 election has given us a reason to take it seriously. Stories about the Clintons selling weapons to ISIS and Trump winning the popular vote (he didn’t) spread like wildfire, and in some cases outperformed real news. The false narrative that [...]


How to make the most out of your PR internship

So you wanna be in public relations? Not a bad idea, friend. Between connecting with new media contacts, developing content for clients, supporting company milestones – and the list goes on – there’s never a dull moment in PR world. But don’t enter this field if you think it’s just some glamorous gig. As my [...]


Perfecting Your New Business Pitch

At any agency job, new business is a hot topic. Throughout the time that I have worked at CPR, I’ve had a front row seat for just how exciting (and stressful) pitching to potential clients can be. No matter what stage of the process they are in – the initial email, the pitch presentation or [...]


Vetting Speaking Opportunities at Industry Events

Building credibility for your company can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a start-up as the underdog in an industry or a well-known household brand dominating the market, managing your reputation, building relationships and upholding authority in your space is a never-ending venture. Luckily, for companies of all sizes, there are many ways to build [...]

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