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A New Era For Brands And Political Issues

It has been a long-standing tradition for major brands and companies to avoid commenting on major social and political issues to avoid alienating their customer base. But times are changing. In today’s volatile political climate, there has been a push for brands to take a stand. From LGBT rights to immigration, social justice issues are […]


Recent “PR Problems” Are Far Bigger Than PR Problems

Recently several notable brands – United Airlines, Pepsi, Wells Fargo and Uber, among them – have experienced significant backlash from consumers after major crises, followed by a wave of negative press coverage. As a PR professional, how these disparate situations have been handled thus far has, to say the least, been interesting to watch. With […]


When it comes to PR strategy, don’t forget about your defense

Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships – at least, according to a now proverbial expression backed by the likes of ESPN. I must admit my knowledge of/interest in sports is about that of a grumpy cat’s, but I can still appreciate the value of this message and how it applies to other professions. IT […]


A Critical Look at Samsung’s Response to the Galaxy Note 7 Crisis

The Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s most sophisticated phone ever, and many industry experts predicted that it would challenge Apple’s dominance over the market. That idea went down in flames (pardon the pun) when Note 7 phones started spontaneously combusting in early September. The risk of explosion was so great that the Federal Aviation Administration […]


Why Journalists and PR Pros Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

As one of the most contentious and theatrical presidential elections in U.S. history unfolds before our eyes, many citizens are thinking about what it truly means to be a democracy. Equitable, factual media is one of the most significant markers of a democratic society, and for those of us working in the industry, it may […]

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