Janae Frisch

Redefining Hot Cocoa: Darigold Releases New Heat N’ Serve Hot Cocoa

With cooler weather rolling in and pumpkin-spice goods filling store shelves, there is no question that my favorite season is quickly approaching: the holiday season! When you picture the perfect winter day, what do you see? Are you skiing, sledding or chasing the kids around outside? Are you cozied up on the couch, reading a […]


Measuring the Value of PR

In our data-driven world, it’s a challenge to show dollar-for-dollar the value of PR as it is a bit less tangible than other services. Ultimately all clients want to know whether the money, time and energy that went into a campaign changed consumer behavior and, more importantly, generated profit. To prove your campaign’s ROI, you […]


Components of a Successful Crisis Plan

In the wake of the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires devastating communities worldwide, many businesses, government agencies and nonprofits are reflecting on their crises plans. Any business, at some point, will face some sort of public relations crisis and the response can either benefit or significantly damage the brand. Aside from natural disasters, there is […]


Tips for PR Pros: Leveraging Paid Amplification

As PR professionals, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to amplify, leverage and increase visibility for clients. Considering the investment of time and energy that goes into securing coverage for clients, PR professionals should be asking themselves how to increase the reach of the content before it’s published. In addition to the traditional strategies, integrating […]


7 Components of a Successful Pitch

There is no master playbook or a one-size-fits all approach to a successful PR pitch, but there are several components that can help you adapt your outreach to meet your goals and objectives. No matter what you are promoting or who you’re trying to reach, there are certain elements all public relations professionals should consider […]

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