Cameron Ficca

Building Motivation as a Learned Skill

Recently I began reading Charles Duhigg’s book, Smarter Faster Better, about how to be more productive in life and business. The first chapter focuses on motivation, which is important because motivation is often the driving force or reason that people strive to reach a goal, endeavor towards personal success or work to solve a problem. […]


Social Media During Natural Disasters

With the flurry of recent hurricanes – Harvey, Irma and Maria – many people are still facing the harsh reality of their aftermath. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for weather of this magnitude, which is why these hurricanes were especially dangerous. Scientists and researchers feared that these storms would be some of the most powerful […]


Tips for Managing a Large Volume of Email

For many young adults entering the professional workforce, the ability to successfully manage email can be daunting. If not correctly managed, important emails can wind up at the bottom of one’s inbox, which may lead to a late reply or missed opportunity. Managers, business partners, and customers also expect people to master email because so […]


Win Forever: The Pete Carroll Method on How to Live, Work and Play Like a Champion

My goal for this summer was much different than previous summers. Growing up, summers were for being a kid, hanging out with friends, and working summer jobs for some extra cash. However, the older I am getting the more I am trying to prepare myself for the dreaded real world that we hear so much […]


Original Shows within Social Media: The Newest Trend Millennials Have Ignited

As an avid social media user and communications student, I was intrigued by Time Warner and Snap’s June 19 announcement to bring shows from Time Warner brands to Snapchat users. According to the press release, “Under this new agreement, Time Warner will make a significant commitment to develop and produce shows for Snapchat from across […]

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