Hattie Schafhausen

Reflecting on the iPhone’s Tenth Birthday

September has arrived in full swing with back-to-school preparations, football-related programming, and dreams of pumpkin spice lattes. One September event that I look forward to (more than any kind of latte!) is the release of the next generation iPhone. This month, Apple is unveiling a major redesign of the iPhone, but most importantly, this year […]


Can You Hear Me Now? 7 Best Practices for Phone Interviews

From interns to account managers alike, scheduling and facilitating an interview can be a daunting (and butterfly-worthy) process. Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct my first interview with a business professional to gain supplemental information for an article I am writing. After a couple of minor miscommunications with my interviewee, I quickly learned that […]


The Tylenol Murders: A Case Study

Prior to 1982, Tylenol was just the little bottle you grabbed out of your medicine cabinet when a headache hit. Seven deaths, millions of dollars and 35 years later, that little bottle is now the poster-child for crisis management. What Happened?  In the years leading up to 1982, Tylenol dominated the over-the-counter painkiller industry with […]


Let’s “Taco ‘bout” Taco Bell’s Success with Twitter

Since its 2013 social media crisis, when a photo of an employee licking a stack of taco shells surfaced online, Taco Bell has risen to be an exemplary – and often hilarious – model of a business that uses social media for customer engagement and that shows off its brand personality while doing so. What […]

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