Alexa Teodoro

How to make the most out of your PR internship

So you wanna be in public relations? Not a bad idea, friend. Between connecting with new media contacts, developing content for clients, supporting company milestones – and the list goes on – there’s never a dull moment in PR world. But don’t enter this field if you think it’s just some glamorous gig. As my […]


When it comes to PR strategy, don’t forget about your defense

Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships – at least, according to a now proverbial expression backed by the likes of ESPN. I must admit my knowledge of/interest in sports is about that of a grumpy cat’s, but I can still appreciate the value of this message and how it applies to other professions. IT […]


Why Journalists and PR Pros Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

As one of the most contentious and theatrical presidential elections in U.S. history unfolds before our eyes, many citizens are thinking about what it truly means to be a democracy. Equitable, factual media is one of the most significant markers of a democratic society, and for those of us working in the industry, it may […]


How Millennial Stereotypes Are Reshaping the Role of PR

If you’ve spent any time in the media industry, let alone on the Internet, you’ve more than likely encountered the most enduring buzzword as of late: millennial. As many outlets will be quick to tell you, this generation born between 1980 and 2000 is now the largest in the U.S. with the biggest presence in […]


How to Successfully Pitch via Email

Hi there, Hope this blog post finds you well. I’m reaching out to you on behalf of Communiqué PR, a boutique public relations firm in Seattle. We have broad experience in media relations and content development, and over the years we’ve learned some solid practices in sending email pitches to reporters and editors. In today’s […]

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