Kylee Brown

Everything You Need to Know About UPI

Think about the well-known names in news media. There is a good possibility that at least one of these names popped into your head: The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox, ABC, NBC, and Associated Press. Throughout history, there have been certain news sources that are especially well known and […]


Going off the Grid

Being born in the early ‘90s, I grew up in the thick of the digital revolution. In the words of thought leader Marc Prensky, I am a “digital native.”  Throughout my childhood, I was immersed in the rapidly expanding technological landscape that exploded in the mid ‘80s and has yet to slow down. It is […]


A New Era For Brands And Political Issues

It has been a long-standing tradition for major brands and companies to avoid commenting on major social and political issues to avoid alienating their customer base. But times are changing. In today’s volatile political climate, there has been a push for brands to take a stand. From LGBT rights to immigration, social justice issues are […]


The Ups and Downs of Brand Imaging In the Age of Social Activism

As a student of the University of Washington’s business school and as an intern here at Communiqué PR, I have spent a lot of time over my college career learning about brand image and messaging and the importance of consistency. As I’ve come to understand it, brand image is a crucial part of any team’s […]


Top Social Media Demographics

In an increasingly digital world, social media is fast becoming one of the easiest and cheapest ways for a company to create, develop and its brand. In PR we work with multiple social media platforms to announce company news, stay up to date on business trends and connect with industry leaders. One of the great […]

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