Hannah Hughes

PR Professionals: Put on Your Helmet and Tie Up Your Laces

With the NFL season right around the corner I, along with most of America, have had football on my mind. Will Seattle’s Seahawks make it to another Super Bowl? How will the Denver Broncos play without Peyton Manning leading them on the field? With all my thoughts about the upcoming season, I realized that football […]


To Friend Or Not To Friend in the Workplace

In a recent NPR podcast, David Greene and Shankar Vedantam discussed the pros and cons of having a work-based friendship. They challenged the common belief that having friends at work is solely beneficial to a working environment. In reality, they argued, there are mixed blessings. The study confirmed that those who have more friends at […]


Four Lessons that Apply to Both Golf and PR

In the time I have been at Communiqué PR, I have realized that I can apply many of the lessons I have learned from golf to public relations. Both golf and PR have landscapes that are constantly changing, however, are full of opportunities. Opportunities that through precise execution and careful planning (or practice), can achieve […]


How Different Social Media Platforms Can Benefit your Business

With social media becoming an increasingly effective PR and marketing tool, incorporating social media into a company’s business plan is no longer an option, but a necessity. Social media is an excellent way to provide information and have conversations with customers. It is a convenient medium to share what is happening with your company, exciting […]

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