Alec Drozdowski

TV Interview Best Practices

TV interviews are a terrifying prospect for many people. For a multitude of reasons, putting a camera in front of someone’s face has a unique ability to inspire stress and lapses in judgment that can curtail an interview from its intended focus. But have no to fear! There are a lot of things spokespeople can […]


Chatting with A Place for Mom’s Data Journalist

Data journalism. One of the biggest trends in reporting right now but often a misunderstood science.  When people think about a data journalist, images of a man or woman with thick glasses and a pocket protector furiously tapping into a calculator often springs to mind. But of course, anyone who knows or works with a […]


Safe AND Affordable Cities in the U.S. for Senior Living

Both safety and affordability are deciding factors when families are looking for a suitable city for senior living. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to give up the comfort of a safe neighborhood for senior living, or conversely, pay an exorbitant amount of money for senior care because it is located […]


Public Relations Trends to Look Out for in 2017

In three short days, 2016 comes to a close and people across the globe will toast 2017 as they welcome in the New Year. This time marks a period of reflection and promises of self-change for many people, while others take advantage of the time off work to celebrate accomplishments from the prior year. For […]


A Place for Mom and Helping Vets Understand Proposed Pension Changes

Veterans Day honors and thanks all the military personnel who have risked their lives in the service of protecting the United States. The day is marked by parades and community events throughout the country, and many places fly the flag at half-staff in remembrance and support of those who lost their lives on behalf of […]

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