Suong Nguyen

Haunted by the Ghosts of PR Firms Past? Help Your Clients Get Over Their “Ex”

Starting a new PR engagement is exciting. The hours you put into winning the business and developing a strategy you’re confident will meet your client’s needs have paid off and you’re ready to start executing. But before you start hammering out the press list and crafting messaging, there’s just one tiny detail casting an elephant-shaped […]


4 Major PR Takeaways from Cision’s State of the Media Report

One of the critical factors of being successful in public relations is maintaining a strong media-relations practice, which is why Cision’s State of the Media Report is such a useful resource. This year the annual report surveyed more than 1,550 North American journalists and influencers to get their feedback on topics such as what issues […]


The Experts’ Guide to the Ever-Elusive Perfect Email

Since email went mainstream in the ‘90s, PR professionals everywhere have all labored toward the same goal: to write the perfect email. The good news is it appears we’re not the only ones on this communications odyssey. My LinkedIn newsfeed is often flooded with articles declaring with authoritative certainty that the secret to email nirvana […]


The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking

As my colleague Beth covered in a previous blog, the ability to think critically is essential to PR and communications professionals. Everyday clients rely on us to evaluate their news to determine its value, anticipate potential outcomes and analyze industry trends. Because the concept of critical thinking is universally accepted as an important skill for […]


Is Your PR Firm Meeting Your Service Needs?

By now, we all know that meaningful relationships are the cornerstone to being successful in PR. From a client’s perspective, strong relationships can be the deciding factor when selecting a PR firm or reevaluating whether it’s time to seek out a new PR partner. With so many options available (a Google search for PR firms […]

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