AnnMarie Henriksson

How Repurposed Content on LinkedIn Impacts SEO Rankings

I recently found myself in a Google typhoon, searching pages of results to answer one seemingly simple question: How does Google treat LinkedIn long-form content for SEO rankings? In particular, I was trying to determine whether or not republishing content, and linking back from one’s own blog to LinkedIn, would negatively impact the SEO value […]


PR & Brand Advocates: Who’s Who in Brand Advocacy?

In its simplest form, a brand advocate is someone or something that acts in favor of a brand or product and is responsible for spreading positive word-of-mouth messages about the brand to others. If you stumbled upon this post in a wandering Google search or with little knowledge of PR, let’s just say that the […]


4 Communication Strategies Instead of Issuing a Press Release

When it comes to communicating company news, we routinely turn to the strategy of drafting a press release and planning its distribution. Make no mistake, issuing a press release is a valuable way to help companies spread its key messages, raise awareness around updates and further establish itself as an industry leader. However, what happens […]


Visual Storytelling to Restore the Fading Attention Span

It’s no question that creative storytelling is top of mind for PR professionals. The objective of nearly every press release, pitch, webinar and case study is telling a compelling story that will not only entice a journalist, but will help the company communicate and strengthen the relationships with their target audiences. With that being said, […]


How to Integrate Video into Your Upcoming PR and Marketing Campaigns

Would you believe it if you heard that 59 percent of senior executives prefer video content over text? You better believe it. According to Forbes Insights, 80 percent of senior executives say they are watching more online videos today than they were a year ago. In addition to the uptick in views, executives are also […]

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