Ann Kwong

Uber-Cool Creative Campaigns

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable tactics in the PR and marketing tool bag is the creative campaign. We’ve all seen brilliant examples of well-produced, creative brand campaigns which lead to massive brand awareness and adoption. Possibly the most successful creative campaign in recent history is “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” conceived by […]


The Rise of Contributed Content: 5 Tips to Make Yours Sing

Today, opportunities abound for savvy marketers to get their messages heard. If the late 1990s heralded the rise of online content, the early 2010s are all about the rise in contributed content. For those of you who follow changes in the field of media and journalism, it won’t come as any surprise that Forbes is […]


From Startup Founder to Spokesperson: Tips For Success

The Pacific Northwest is home to a thriving technology industry with many innovative startups in residence. In our role as strategic communications advisors, we frequently have the opportunity to work with many of them; companies that have built successful businesses from the ground up and that are now ready to begin laying the foundation for […]


Social Media: What’s the Frequency?

As a communications advisor to clients in the tech industry, I am frequently asked how to leverage social media as part of an integrated PR strategy. Clients are often curious to know when and how often they should post and what their content should look like. Many clients are also now starting to think about […]

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