Beth Mayer

Influencer Marketing: What Works for Gummy Vitamins Won’t Work for Million-Dollar B2B Tech Products

As I’ve blogged previously, I’m a passionate B2B (business to business) technology geek. Give me some complicated network infrastructure or some cloud-based enterprise software to pitch to reporters, and I’m a happy PR person. What I enjoy about B2B-focused products and services is that they use a unique and specialized language to reach their target […]


NYT intros augmented reality: Is it the future of visual journalism or a bunch of hype?

The ways that journalists report on news – and the way that their audiences consume it – is changing day to day. Earlier this month The New York Times ran its first augmented reality (AR) feature story previewing the Winter Olympics, allowing readers to “meet” and watch Olympic athletes in 3D through their smartphones. As […]


HuffPost Halts Unpaid Contributors: Can Anyone Be a Credible Journalist These Days? Should They?

In an unexpected move for its readers and its more than 100,000 contributors, HuffPost announced recently it would be ending its popular unpaid contributor network. According to The New York Times, “The decision was rooted as much in a move to declutter the site as in Ms. Polgreen’s (editor in chief Lydia Polgreen) desire to […]


Data’s in the Driver’s Seat When It Comes to Powering Automotive Innovation

It seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV without someone talking about the inevitable future of self-driving (autonomous) cars. Forget stressing over parallel parking – take your hands off the steering wheel and your car will do that for you in the future, if it’s not already! Just like computers, cell […]


In Defense of Fun Fun Fun in the Workplace

While it seems counterintuitive, the idea of “fun” in the workplace is actually pretty divisive. There’s always at least one overly enthusiastic member of an office “Fun Committee” who is just a little too excited about organizing the next happy hour, or potluck, or ping pong tournament (“Cake in the break room for Karen’s birthday!!!!!”). […]

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