Richard L. Tso

Content-Driven Session Stole the Show at NAB 2016

Savvy marketing teams understand the value of conferences and tradeshows by having the entire process down to a science. Activities like negotiating optimal booth placement, having eye-catching signage with demo stations, and promoting a giveaway to capture leads are fundamental, but massive shows like the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and the National Association of Broadcasters […]


Strategic Insights: So You Want to Become a Category Leader? Of Course You Do!

If the stock market has got you down, consider this: The conceptualization and launch of new companies, as well as the contraction and consolidation of existing businesses, are tenets of “economic dynamism,” a concept that illustrates the ebb and flow of financial progress needed for economic stability and progress. In a nutshell, fluctuations are necessary […]


The Mindfulness Imperative: Why It’s Needed in PR (and in Business)

Whether or not you believe the practice of mindfulness can have significance in your day-to-day life, consider this: The field of public relations is arguably one of the most stressful jobs in existence. In fact, CareerCast listed the PR Executive as the sixth most stressful job in America last year just before corporate executive and […]


How Cision’s $841 Million Acquisition of PR Newswire Signals a Change for the PR Industry

Most of my past writing has been focused on the changing role technology plays in the worlds of social media, marketing and advertising – but one industry that is ripe for innovation is the field of public relations. While PR teams are viewed by some as more focused on tactical execution, the value they provide […]


What the FTC’s Guidelines on Native Advertising Mean for PR Professionals

The heyday of native advertising is over. Even before the ornaments are taken down from the tree to be placed carefully into dusty boxes marked “Xmas,” the Federal Trade Commission released its new guidelines for native advertising that are sending people into a tizzy and forever changing the way publishers and brands leverage the controversial […]

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