Maddie Beck

Four PR Takeaways from my Time at Communiqué

As my time at Communiqué PR winds down—I recently made the bittersweet decision to leave Seattle and head home to California—I’ve given pause for thought, reflecting on my time at the firm. For nearly three years, I’ve worked alongside the brilliant bunch at Communiqué, beginning as an intern and transitioning to an AAE and then AE […]


A Picture Perfect PR Plan? A Look at Instagram’s Updated Logo and Its Communications Around the Change

Earlier this month Instagram traded its classic brown camera logo – an icon recognized worldwide—for an updated sunburst design. While users, design professionals, and others in the industry had their fair share of opinions and mixed reviews, Instagram made a bold, and needed, change, embracing the dynamic social media landscape and evolving its branding accordingly. […]


Four Media Trends to Consider for Your PR & Communications Efforts

In our constantly evolving world of technology, emerging platforms and, as a result, changes to how news and entertainment is consumed, have become the norm. Accordingly, PR and communications professionals are challenged with keeping pace and updating strategies to align with new media platforms. Cision’s recent State of the Media 2016 Report takes a look […]


Return on Character: How Character Trickles into Returns, Workforce Engagement & Customer Satisfaction

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, an emphasis is often put on earnings, return on investment (ROI), and the like. Many would argue that cash is a necessity and corporate culture a nicety. But what if culture and character not only improved morale, but also trickled down to earnings? I recently read Fred Kiel’s “Return […]


How to Strategically Craft a Compelling Company Name

A good company name defines who the company is and what it offers. The name sets the tone for the business and cues people in on what it does. Sound important? Absolutely, and that’s why it’s critical for businesses to choose a name that’s impactful and easy to remember, but also conveys what the company […]

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