Colleen Moffitt

Communiqué PR and Kortext Partner to Teach Principles of Public Relations to Students Worldwide

Due to demand from professors internationally, we recently agreed to have our book “Strategic Public Relations: 10 Principles to Harness the Power of PR” published via Kortext’s digital platform. Kortext serves more than 40 university partners across Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Africa. Through this agreement professors can now easily access “Strategic […]


Recent “PR Problems” Are Far Bigger Than PR Problems

Recently several notable brands – United Airlines, Pepsi, Wells Fargo and Uber, among them – have experienced significant backlash from consumers after major crises, followed by a wave of negative press coverage. As a PR professional, how these disparate situations have been handled thus far has, to say the least, been interesting to watch. With […]


PR Guidance for April Fools’ Day

With April Fools’ Day fast approaching, we want to provide some guidance to PR and marketing professionals before pulling the trigger on any planned pranks. Below we have listed past blog posts we developed that share tips to consider when planning an April Fools’ Day spoof announcement. These posts share best practices for evaluating whether […]


The Power of Assuming Positive Intent and How it Impacts Productivity, Performance

We’ve all heard the saying, “To assume is to make an ass out of U and me.” The reality is that our assumptions can be powerful. That power can be positive or negative, and can drive you toward your objectives and goals or hold you back. It is easy to fall in the trap of […]


Interroll Rolls Forward to ProMat 2017

In 2016, Communique PR began working with Swiss-based Interroll ( to help build awareness of its logistics solutions for the U.S. market. With a strong track record and long history, the company is a leader in the global logistics industry. Interroll offers a broad product range in its four product groups: rollers, drives, conveyors/sorters, and […]

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