Anne Lindberg

How to Apologize Effectively

To err is to be human.  But how one handles the mistake can make or break a relationship. Businesses, particularly in this era of social media, are in a more difficult predicament when mistakes are made. Rumors spread quickly in the social stratosphere and can lead to negative consequences for a brand’s image. However, when […]


Setting Business Standards for Social Media

With the advent of social media, a very thin line sometimes separates our business and professional lives. Just ask the Central Intelligence Agency, which, according to the Wall Street Journal, recently issued new guidelines for the use of social media among its agents (because clearly spies need to be careful about that sort of thing). […]


Public Relations Activities Raise Awareness of Verdiem, a Leader in IT Energy Management

Verdiem, one of our Seattle-based clients, delivers IT energy efficiency solutions for mid-sized to enterprise customers across vertical industries. One of the reasons we love working with Verdiem is because they have compelling and timely stories to tell. For example, Verdiem’s Surveyor allows customers to lower their operating expenses, sometimes significantly, by reducing energy waste […]


How PR Pros Can Work Successfully with Journalists

We came across an article in the Economist that serves as an important reminder for us all. Simply put: Journalists are inundated- inundated with more topics to write about, deadlines and, most likely, pitches from PR professionals (and sadly, some of them aren’t very valuable). The article states that for each journalist in the U.S., […]


In a PR Crisis, Be Authentic and Transparent

Rome may or may not have been built in a day, but brands certainly can be built – or destroyed – that quickly, thanks to the Internet and social media. Rumors spread like wildfire and can ultimately make or break a brand as a result. That raises the question: how can companies wrangle and control […]

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