Jaymelina Esmele

Should your next pitch target an algorithm rather than a human?

With just one month left in the quarter, corporate earnings season is right around the corner and chances are the next quarterly earnings article you read will not be written by a business reporter, but by automation software. In 2014, The Associated Press (AP) began using a platform called Wordsmith to automate the writing of […]


What Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Means for PR

Recently, Google began rolling out its mobile-friendly ranking algorithm across its global data centers and by the time you read this post, the roll out should be complete. The new ranking algorithm is designed to favor mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results and demote sites in search results that are not mobile-friendly. According to […]


Reflections on Attachmate

For the past seven years, we have had the pleasure of working with Attachmate, one of the world’s most established software brands. Attachmate’s business is rooted in providing technologies that help companies extend their investments in mainframes and other host data systems. While terms like “terminal emulation,” “DMSII” and “DoD PKI” were new to us when […]


Going Beast Mode on PR: Three Lessons from Seahawks Player Marshawn Lynch

Amid the excitement of the Seattle Seahawks’ run to the playoffs, the team’s explosive running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $100,000 for violating the NFL’s media policy, which requires players to speak with the media after practices and after games. There’s been much debate about the fairness of the NFL’s policy and whether players should […]


Lessons Learned from the Sony Security Breach

Not a week goes by when there isn’t a story in the news about a high-profile security breach. Inevitably, after each incident knowledgeable PR experts weigh in on how the crisis could’ve or should’ve been handled. There are always new lessons to be learned. Perhaps it’s the influence of the work that we do on […]

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